CoreLogic & SiteX Data - Any Feedback?

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Hey guys -
There are quite a few threads that mention each of these companies - CoreLogic and SiteX Data - as good sources for comp data. I wanted to get your feedback on them, because if you find their service to be valuable, I'd like to see how we might be able to work with them.

Do you use them? If so, what do you like? What services do you use? What don't you like?

Thanks for the feedback.

I've only used Listsource from CoreLogic.

I found listsource first then corelogic and was blown away by the many products and services that corelogic has available. I only wish I currently had the know-how to wield the power of all of the resources available from corelogic.

Had an internet appraisal from Corelogic while applying for a credit line at a credit union, and found their appraisal to be low. It didn't matter to me but it could have.

Not trying to read anything into your question...

Corelogic.... AKA First American Title.
SiteX..... AKA Fidelity National Title.

Core's price point for web data is going to be a little higher then sitex data. Your data feed from sitex isnt going to be nearly as extensive from a coverage point of view however in the main states it should be fairly simular.

Cores Lis pens,NOD, TS, and REO data is by far better and their reach is huge, however their data cost for that feed ran me $500,000 annually and that was a couple years ago. In my opinion not worth the half million in cost.

One thing to note when dealing with either one is that although they dont say they do they negoiate their price point a lot...

What sucks is that both companies give the data away within their self ran sites. Core has Fastweb, I cant remember what SiteX calls their free version.

The biggest advantage to having the data as a feed is the ability to download it. If that isnt a feature I would ask the question "Why".

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