Has anyone done business with Amplify My Business

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@Michael D Kirkland If I were to use one word to describe Amplify My Business it would be incompetence. I was excited and intrigued by the stats they threw out. The salesman, David, told me it was a $500 administrative fee, along with a $500 marketing budget. Based on this, and according to David, I should expect so see around 14 leads per month. I was excited!

So I signed up. I paid the $1500 sign up fee. My first obstacle was when I was filling out my info for running the ads. The lowest amount they had listed was $1000 for a marketing budget, which would put me at $1500/month instead of $1000. That was the first bait and switch. They told me if I did $1000 in marketing budget I should expect between 20 and 30 leads. I was going to pay another company $10,000/ month to do the same thing for me, so money wasn’t the issue, it was the deception.

The second problem arose when I was interested in adding another market. David told me that it was a flat $500 administrative fee, not an additional $250 per location. Again, $250 isn’t the issue, it’s the deception and incompetence.

During my second month with AMB, instead of a $500 administrative fee, they charged me $800. I tried for almost a week to get ahold of them. No answer! This was a reoccurring theme with AMB! They did finally refund me the $300.

After I decided I wanted to cancel, I called the number listed as my “account manager”. This was on a Thursday afternoon. The number went straight to a third party call center. The lady at the call center tried calling EVERY number listed for her to call. There wasn’t a single one that answered. I didn’t hear back from my “account manager” until Monday at 5pm.

After I cancelled, I asked 3 times for an accounting breakdown. I didn’t get a response until I told them that if I didn’t get an accounting breakdown that I was going to ask for my money back, and take further steps. I never asked for all of my money back. I just wanted transparency, honesty, and integrity. None of these attributes are what I look for in a company to do business with.

After 2 months of being with AMB, and countless problems, I have spend $1,421.64 just in marketing. I have only received 12 leads. Out of those 12 leads, only one was any good. DO NOT sign up with these con artists. Absolute incompetence and inability to perform the tasks that they are claiming to do.

Disclosure: Customer, but not an affiliate or getting paid.

These two young guys posting almost all of the negativity on this company across the internet. Im sure if you are cancelling as soon as they make a mistake you will be upset, you didn't give them any time to make it right, at least stick around to get your full money's worth. I can only imagine if someone fired me in the middle of a paint job how bad it would look, they could at least talk to me and work something out if they didn't like it. However I'm not convinced this was the case with these two, I see just some immaturities in these two that Im sure lead to them believing Amplify was a get rich quick scheme or something similar. I didn't care at first but once Amplify started doing things like hiring me an assistant to help me I started to resent people that were so unfair to them online and felt a need to defend them. It's justice if a company is really horrible for them to get lots of bad reviews, but it's not justice if people just don't know how to work real estate leads and rather than taking personal responsibility they blame any and everyone, even a good company. 

Same here. I have had a very terrible experience with Amplify my Business. I signed up mid Dec 2021 and in less than 48hrs, I notified them that I cannot continue with them on health grounds. They refused and insisted I must accept their service even against my will. I am highly dissapointed in such a company who feels no empathy for her clients but instead are all out to get your money. Reading all the bad reviews here, I would never recommend this company to anyone I know