finding buy and hold buyers?

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I am marketing directly to absentee owners and have been getting many deals under contract. Now I am not finding buy and hold buyers. I have posted ads on craigslist. Anyone have suggestions on finding more buy and hold investors?

Gordon,  your best place to sell these homes quickly will be to turnkey providers or companies that are buying in your area.  You might not make the larger profits but if you can flip them to actual buyers who can pay cash and close quickly this will be the best thing for you.  

Are you actually going to close on the homes your putting under contract or just hoping for a fast buyer? If you cant close on them then contact other flippers or turnkeys in your area.

Good luck. 

Hi Gordon,

If your properties are priced right the ads on CL should bring you buyers---and fast.

The biggest part of this crei business is getting the right price with the seller. So many tell you they are motivated---but they really aren't. If you can't find a buyer at the price you originally negotiated you can always go back to the seller and say, "I'm sorry I thought we had a good price but the buyers aren't interested at this price. How much lower are you willing to go to get this sold quickly?" 

If they say no thanks, just stay in touch with them once a month or every two weeks depending the seller. Sometimes a stubborn seller isn't really ready to let go right now---no matter WHAT they say. But they will be at some point----or not. Next!

Michael Quarles  just did a great presentation on the BP podcast on negotiating. I have far to go to be good at it.

Best of success to you!

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