Patlive Problem: Sellers Keep Asking For Me.

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Ok so I got Patlive to answer my phone and save my sanity. The service has been great so far and I don't have to deal with any more angry people to ruin my day : ). The problem is that every-time a seller calls they don't leave any information and just ask for me directly which defeats the purpose of having an answer service in the first place. As a matter of fact none of the sellers have ever left any information and I am having to call them back. I changed my script 3 times now so do I just need to remove my name from the mailings and use a company instead? Tell the VA's to just tell them they can't speak to me. Where is @Michael Quarles or @Sharon Vornholt   when you need them? Any suggestions as how to fix this?

@Wayne Woodson can you have the service forward to leads like that directly to your mobile?  Sellers want to feel like they are going to be taken vare of. Maybe your script is not doing that yet.

Pat live isn't doing their job if they can't take a simple message and get the basic information for you @Wayne Woodson .  @Christoper Hunter - that would defeat the purpose of having them pick up the calls. I personally speak to someone of authority at Patlive myself and try to resolve it.


Step back about 50 feet and take a fresh view at your entire sales funnel. 

I did this a while back and I'm very satisfied with the results. However, I, like you, got PatLive and had problems. 

I reversed engineered the sales whole process (and I do mean the entire process) and found that I needed to begin with how I instruct my attorney referral sources to refer their clients. Yes, I instruct them! Since they are attorneys, they need to be told (and occasional scolded - 'Bad attorney! Look what you did on the courtroom floor'). A rolled up newspaper right on the nose!

So, my objective is to pre-condition prospects before they contact me. They've (hopefully) been educated along the way. There are specific things they need to do before contacting us. They are self-selecting in that those who cannot follow direction are vetted or referred to a competitor. 

PatLive people can be trained to do precisely what you need, such as making it clear that you are not available and they are there to help get the process started. If they fail to get the info you wish it's either because your system is flawed or your prospects have self-selected. That's part of the conversion process and what others spend tens of thousands of dollars to perfect. Ask me how I know this!

It's really about managing prospects expectations very early in the process.

Most sellers don't like leaving a message with a 3rd party. Just answer the phone yourself and talk to the seller and there is no reason to screen your calls.

Joe Gore

@Rick H.  is correct... You can train PatLive to do those things you want them to do... One way to accomplish this is test call your account and then replay the call to a Supervisor. And test until you're satisfied that they are answering your phone the way you have directed them to.

Set yourself up a skype account and plugin a recorder that auto records your outbound calls. The great thing about utilizing skype is that you can also record your calls to sellers to listen back to and help grow your telephone skills.

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