Wholesalers in Ohio where are you?

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Hello all reading this I am a beginner wholesaler and was wondering if anyone local to me doing the same thing would like to link up and network and allow me to tag along on wholesaling deals. This would allow me to gain experience at the most crucial level hands on.

Eric, not exactly near you, but would be glad to network. My focus is rehab/resale, but I am working on my first wholesale deal now. Akron is a pretty interesting place.

Yes it is wish I could connect with someone from my area to learn the ropes though but from the look of things. This place needs wholesales venture bad.

@Brandon Sturgill  Lancaster is a interesting place as well! a lot a lot a lot of opportunity there! property is cheap in lancaster and the houses are big. maybe one day we can network as I'm curious how you are doing out there in that part of town, I'm rather close to you ( canal winchester ) but do most fm y deals and transactions in columbus. 

ok we can definately connect and network 

Hey @Eric Gulley  , I wholesale in Columbus, Oh.  I would soak up as much good info about wholesaling here on BP as you can.  If you have any questions PM me, advice is free my friend!

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