Winter time

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Hello BP,

I'm getting prepared to run a letter campaign and my market is in the Philadelphia area. My question is should I even move forward with this process since it's winter time? I figured business would be kind of slow. Not sure how the market is during this time of year. Any suggestions?

I would think that sellers would be very motivated if they want to sell but the retail buyers are all waiting until warmer weather...

@Tim Bishop  That is the cutest little guy, omg :-). 

@Carl McKenzie  Tim is right, there is no time like the present. We're somewhat neighbors county wise anyway. Its a good time to market to potential sellers because so many newbies think like you do regarding the arrival of old man winter. Remember many tenants move in to their new place during the 1st quarter of the year. If you calculate the time it will take for them to reply to your mail and when you will be able to get out and visit the place it will definitely be 2015 for the majority of replies received. Sure business may be slow but not dead.



I would do it because you will probably have to hit them a few times before they bite anyway. Great luck.

Well if your campaign has six touches (i.e. a yellow letter first then a month later a post card then a month  later another yellow letter) and you have your first touch in December, you'll see results around Feb-March when the weather is getting nicer. IMO, it's the perfect time to start.

Plus... Holidays are coming, people need money. Who knows, maybe they'll be more likely to sell to you.

Sounds great! Thanks for the information!

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