Audio (Voicemail) Examples from Real Wholesale Leads

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A couple of weeks ago, I made a couple of posts about my first try at wholesaling by sending 1200+ yellow letters to probate leads. I also made a post with a link to a Google Spreadsheet where you can track the results of the campaign in real-time.

A few folks expressed interest in hearing some of the calls so I thought I'd make some of the voicemails available for you other budding wholesalers.

Here are a few of the typical kinds of calls I've been getting. It really breaks down to:

  • Lookie-loos
  • Unmotivated (Not Selling)
  • Motivated

Oh - I did get one call from a local police station because an elderly lady thought my letter looked suspicious and the officer wanted to make sure I wasn't scamming the elderly! That was scary, but I've been told it is par for the course.

OK - So here are some of the voicemails (personal info has been bleeped from the audio) There are a lot more but these should give you a pretty good idea:


Motivated - 1

Motivated - 2

Unmotivated - 1

Unmotivated - 2

Unmotivated - 3

Notice how the motivated folks are usually nicer. I've yet to get a "slam dunk" motivated seller who was just like "Hey - I want to sell my house asap. Call me now." - I can tell that most of them are going to require some relationship-building and will take time to convert to a deal.

I hope you find this helpful!

Thank you for sharing your update.

Thanks for sharing. Loved the last call with the lady saying "Good luck harrassing other people" lol I've gotten a few of those since I've gotten started. At first those calls were a little discouraging but now they don't bother me at all and I'm used to them.

@Joshua McGinnis  

Thanks for sharing. Its funny because its like the same types of calls I get, especially the last lady lol. Just keep at it and do as you're doing-separating the motivated from un-motivatated and follow up accordingly. I look forward to hearing the updates. I hope you turn some of those leads into deals soon. Good luck

Quick question, what are you using to track your leads list and remove those that are not interested for follow up campaigns?

That last one was hilarious it reminds me of one of mine from last year when I was walking neighborhoods and hanging big yellow notices on doors. Except mines was a little worse! A matter of fact here it is for everyone to hear:

Good luck to you and hopefully one of those motivated calls turn into checks!

@William Baumann  I'm using Google Spreadsheets. I just have a removal list that I use to keep track of who I should remove in my next batch of mailings.

Thanks @Larmon Cummings Jr and @Gary Alford  

This is priceless! I wish more people did this. 

Oh, I am soooo built for the people like unmotivated seller 3. I worked in both inbound and outbound call centers for about three years, fresh out of high school. If that doesn't toughen one's skin, nothing will! Lol

Thanks a bunch for sharing this post with us. I should probably go introduce myself now. I've been lurking on BP for about two weeks now. This particular post was the one to bring me out of hiding. :)

This was great. I am setting up my voicemail and this has given me a feel for what to expect.

@Joshua McGinnis hope you're still around. Would appreciate an update on this marketing campaign. The last one got me rolling and reminds me of a lady that I spoke to on the phone earlier this week.

@Max Petrov listen to these recordings lol

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