Wholesaling - Why aren't the sellers leaving voice mail messages?

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Hi, I started my direct mail campaign this week and received 8 calls today.  I am very pleased with this.  Only 3 of them left a voice mail.  What are the possible reasons the others did not?  I plan to follow up with them as well, but not sure how to start the conversation.  Any ideas?

Its imperitive to answer your phone live if you can.. people just don't like to leave VM

its the bane of the current society.. text messaging etc.. So if your going to spend the money answer the phone :)... or get an old fashion answering service they will get a number out of the folks most cases

I know of at least one outfit that uses a personal answering service to take the calls, rather than voice mail.  If I recall correctly, the answering service actually goes through a script... asking a series of questions to qualify the caller.  I can certainly ask one of the franchisees I know for the name of that service, if you're truly interested.

It is pretty common. Some people just refuse to leave a VM.

@James Wise @Jay Hinrichs @Lew Payne

Thanks so much for your responses.  I have a full time job and 3 kiddos so answering live is sometimes not possible - to say the least LOL.  I would appreciate any recommendations on answering services.  I have read many posts on this topic of answering vs. screen and have heard both sides although I do get that live would always be best if possible.  Also if someone is just starting with a small budget they may not have $$ to pay for a service.

What would be best to say to the people I am calling back that did not leave a message?  Just "hi I saw that you called regarding potentially selling your property..."?

Originally posted by @Sheryl Gurvey :

@James Wise @Jay Hinrichs @Lew Payne

What would be best to say to the people I am calling back that did not leave a message?  Just "hi I saw that you called regarding potentially selling your property..."?

Here's a link to some live answering services.

What you say when calling back hangup callers depends on how they sound.  "Hi... you called me a little while ago [or an hour ago, etc]... (pause - see what they say - get a feel for how they sound and if they're confused or not)."  "Well, you probably called because you realize that selling your [home/rental] to someone who's willing to take it as-is and pay with cash is a good idea.  (pause).  Can you tell me a little bit about the [home/rental]?"

I would not use the word "property" since it's impersonal and can apply to personal not just real property.  The above start should give you an indication of how serious they are, as well as provide you with plenty of things to follow-up with.  If it's a rental property, you might sympathize and say, "yea... managing a rental and trying to make time for other things can be tricky..."

Anyway, that's all for now.  Speaking to people is somewhat of an art, but it's nowhere near as mystical and scientific as some people (who happen to teach seminars and sell books) would like you to believe.  Just learn to sympathize a bit, and get enough info from them to be able to put yourself in their shoes.  At that point, if there's a solution to their problem, it will jump out at you.

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