Hiring a VA - question about voice calls

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I would like to hire a VA. From most of my homework I have decided to try to get someone from the Philippines.

My main question is how to set up a local (US) phone number so the VA can take and make calls.

The options I have found are very costly.  I have heard that a lot of people use overseas VAs for voice calls so I am assuming there are better options than what I have found.  Any feedback would be appreciated. 

Google voice for the personalized number. You can receive calls on your cell and or assign your VA to that same number. It's free and I was able to choose from a list of local numbers. I highly recommend it.


This post has been removed.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I looked it up and it looks like Google voice is only available to US users. 

Have you used it successfully outside of the US?

No, I haven't.  I'm curious to see what others suggest. 

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