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hello everyone, I am just getting into the business of real estate wholesaling in the sacramento area. I would like to know if there is anyone out there who would like to network with me and maybe co-wholesale to show me the ropes? thanks:)

I think perhaps @Gordon Cuffe is wholesaling in the Sacramento area - I don't know whether he's looking to take on any apprentices, but I'm sure he'd be a good connection to make. Welcome to the forums!

@David H. I am looking for someone in Chicago as well, any suggestions?

@Trevon Peracca ...Try searching for the "Chicago Roll Call" and "Chicago Meet Up".  There's plenty of investors to net work with in the Chicagoland area.

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@Valentyn Svit

Welcome to the Bigger Pockets community. It is a great place to learn about real estate.


I am in the Sacramento area. I am new to real estate investing as well, but if you would like to hang out with like minded people and network feel free to contact me. Have a great day!

Stephanie Garcia

@Trevon Peracca

Sorry for the delay - I do not know anybody working in wholesaling in Chicago, unfortunately, but I've seen plenty of Chicago activity here on the forums so I've no doubt you'll find someone to connect with if you poke around. BP even has the "Network" tab at the top of the page, where you can search other members near you; perhaps that would help?

OK, it's time for another Sacramento MeetUP. Stay tuned for details.
I need to find a nice place to meet.

There are some wholesalers in Chicago, but not many.  It's a very difficult market to wholesale in, I don't recommend it.

@Al Williamson
Let's setup a meeting. Invite any wholesalers and investors you know.
Message me so we can set up a date and meeting place. 


Welcome to BP! I am real estate investor from CA. Let me know if anyone need any help !

You might want to check out right here in Chicago for some wholesale deals 

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