Are there any wholesalers of properties in the Las Vegas area?

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I've recently been studying and listening to info on wholesaling Real Estate

Are there any individuals  or groups doing this in 

the Las Vegas area. And hopefully a reputable one....Please advise. Thank you

Hi, Sonny! Welcome to BiggerPockets. 

BiggerPockets recently introduced special sub-forums for individual states and within those, individual metropolises. Here is the one for LV, Nevada:

There isn't too much region-specific going on in them yet because there's so new, but the more we get the word out there the better, because they're a valuable focus on specific areas of interest. 

There's actually another question in there asking what you did, and apparently there are a couple wholesalers around, but they're hard to find. If you live in the area, look around for bandit signs as you drive around, and google any companies you may come across. Also, keep posting around BP talking about wholesaling and you're bound to come across a few people who do it in the area. 

Good luck!

Yes there are wholesalers around in Vegas. Just be sure to research the numbers for yourself and make sure they are good enough deals and that the numbers pencil out based on your numbers not theirs. Most of the time the deals are not much better than MLS. If you find a good wholeseller please share it with us and by "us" I mean "me" HAHA I am just kidding no but seriously....

thank you Robert and Devin  for your prompt response. 

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