Out of county buyer, out of state seller, title/escrow help?

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I'm located in Los Angeles and am about to put a property under contract in Bakersfield. 

I am "new" in that I'm on my first deal there but have been learning and working towards REI for more than a year before pulling the trigger.

Ideally I will wholesale the property or partner up and fix/flip.

Since I am in Los Angeles and the seller is out of state I'm looking for a title/escrow co that works with wholesalers (if I go that route) in similar situations to mine.

I'm actually not sure if I need to have the title/escrow co in the same county as the property and am trying to find that out but in the mean time I need to get my PSA out with the agreed price asap so any help and recomendations would be much appreciated!


@Michael Quarles can you recomend title/escrow co?

If you use a national company use the one local to you and have signing done at a Bakersfield branch.   

It will end up being a ton easier. 

Other then that first American or Chicago should be able to help locally although I currently do not use them.  Both are okay and both are a pain in the butt.  

btw when I refer to them as a pain in the butt what I mean is at times they can be too "NORMAL".  

For a simple cash deal they're fine.  

I use placer title however I don't think they reach up your way.   Although they're great the service for you may be hindered by their size and limited branches.