How to build a buyers list fast 28 ways

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Todd, these tips are fantastic! It's such a perfect outline for now only how to build on an existing list, but start my own..I'll get to work right away. Thank you SO much.


(I'm not sure if anyone touched on this yet) but another method to find some great QUALITY buyers is to contact the realtor that you're working with (find one if you haven't already.)

Ask them to provide you with a list of recent (past 3-6 months) cash transactions in your target area. These transactions are the actual cash purcahases that have happened recently. Also, if you find any recurring buyers, those are almost always going to be investors.

If you're realtor can't provide you with contact info of the buyers due to confidentiality issues or some other reason, you can always do some research on the properties buying history from the public records. You can also leave a note or yellow letter at the properties containing your contact info.

Or if you're like me and you want to do the least amount of work possible, you can just ask your realtor to give the buyers your contact info. They may not be in contact with all the buyers on that list, but they have probably worked with quite a few of them. And I'm sure they know others not even on that list they can refer to you as well.

This was a great help! Thank you. Although I am behind the times finding this information, this was exactly what I needed at this time.

Probably the most helpful information I've found,maybe it's just me!

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I suggest using several marketing avenues and directing them all to a squeeze page on your site.

How do you get a "Squeeze Page"? and what sites allow them?

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Where can I find the rest of the list of the 28 ways to find cash buyers, the link has been removed...thanks !

Someone apparently really doesn't care to thoroughly read the thread, where the remainder do appear, so here is a link to make it easy ...

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[quote=Si Yu Huang]I'm having trouble finding the link to the rest ways. Could someone re-post it?[/quote]
Pay closer attention to the first page of this thread; six or seven posts after the first post, he adds a post with the rest.

Chill a little Steve. There are a lot of new folks out here trying to put it all together.

Originally posted by Steve Babiak:
[quote=Edwin De leon]Hi ...
Where can I find the rest of the list of the 28 ways to find cash buyers, the link has been removed...thanks ![/quote]

Someone apparently really doesn't care to thoroughly read the thread, where the remainder do appear, so here is a link to make it easy ...


You're awesome Steve!

Awesome write up, I was actually on Craigslist to see if there was any I buy homes etc information. and did get some phone numbers. Then I thought "I wonder if BP has had this discussion before?" and indeed yes came across your post. I will also try the other information you put as well I am a local investor that is just getting started. Though i would take my time to start forming my buyers list. Thank you. 

Todd you mention there are more methods if you are internet savvy, would mind posting some of this ways? Also I f you know of any new methods, because this was posted 5 years ago. Thank you Todd

Originally posted by @Todd Hutcheson :

28 ways to build a buyers list

1. - You look in 3 different places on Craigslist. First you check Housing, "real estate for sale" in your city and look for the We buy Houses, Sell home in 5 days, and Stop foreclosure ads. While there, check out anyone who is offering creative financing or lease options as they are likely to be investors (Or one of the ten smart agents ) Second, you check the Real Estate Services and look for same ads as already mentioned. Third, and this is one of the best where you don't get all the people from your REIA club, you call the Housing apts/housing and look for homes for rent and ask them if they are interested in acquiring property at a huge discount.
2. check the archives for your city name where people are talking about deals in your city or looking for partners. Next, click on their name and it will give you their email address. Many on [REMOVED] use false email addresses since it gets scraped a lot. If this happens, just google their name and city in google to try and get their phone number or email address.
3. The search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo and - Type in sell (your city) home fast and also We buy Houses in (your city). The first two ads (usually highlighted in a light color) and the entire list on the right are paying to be there. Some are national services that generate leads. Navigate the sites (don't click on these as it just costs them money, retype their url ) to see if they give you the local affiliate or if not then fill out the form and see who contacts you. All the other ads are local people who have taken the time to build a website and get ranked. Usually, these are serious buyers
4. Facebook - Type in real estate investor in the search box. It will bring you anyone in your area first who has this as their job. Obviously, you need to have an account and get a few friends that are real estate investors in your city. Then check on their friends information to see if they are also investors. Eventually people will try to friend you that are real estate investors. You can figure this out because the system tells you how many mutual friends you have with their name and picture. When you request someone to be a friend or they request you, send along a message asking them to get on your list.
5. Twitter - very similar to Facebook except you can build your own background. Make sure if you do this, you put a place where you capture email addresses. Again follow some prominent national and local real estate investors and see who is following them and check them out to see if they live in your area. Try to build a list of followers and follow a number of people. It is like friends on facebook. If you tweet interesting information, people will appreciate it and retweet your content and this will bring you more followers who you can try and convert to your list.
6. - they have local groups. People have their website addresses in their signatures many times and also their city. Again search the site for your city name. See who is talking about things. You can also post things here looking for partners or money. Also, go to the Networking button, and half way down, there is a drop down box for searching for investors in your state. Most pictures that show up also have their city included.
7. Local REIA websites - For instance for Bradenton and for the Tampa Bay area. You might also google (your city) real estate association, club, investors meeting. Once on the site many have their board of directors and how to contact them. Many also have newsletters where wholesalers and mentors advertise. Some might even have a member section.

For the rest of the list go to:
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 Hello Todd, great stuff... Since that was a few years ago.  Are there any new tips for 2016?

Thanks a lot, Todd! I have just started wholesaling a couple months ago here in Georgia and still have a long way to go with my buyer's list. These tips are awesome and I will try to implement all of them.