How to build a buyers list fast 28 ways

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@Alexcia White you can start off co wholesaling. Find a mentor to kind of guide you through the process. The only thing you need is $1-100 as far as closing a deal and it's called a earnest money deposit.

But, obtaining buyers is the most important because without one you don't have a business. And getting buyers is going cost you either time to find them or cash to buy lists.

It doesn't take a lot of names, just 1 or 2 who are real players.

We do a lot of wholesaling and our best buyer is an Hispanic real estate agent who has a ton of buyers for lower price point homes. That's what we sell, so working together works well for both of us. 

Find a couple of investors who buy a lot of properties, find out what they buy and focus on those houses for them.

Good luck!

If you get good deals with good numbers and don't be greedy, the buyers will be there.  Honestly, too many people worry about building a buyers list, just go get good deals under contract and they'll find you.  I get deals sent to me daily by wholesalers that have fictitious inflated numbers.  If you're honest about the numbers and leave some meat on the bone, the deal will sell itself.  If you have to try to make the numbers work for the deal, you either need to pass on the deal or probably need to look for a different career.  Just because you can get it under contract does not make it a deal. 

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Are the plots developed? What is thier selling price?

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Thank you Todd. Brand new at Wholesaling and this is very good information. I am getting ready to get my first contract this weekend and this will help.

This is absolutely a very valuable information. Thank you very much!

Thank you Todd! This is extremely helpful