Just got back from a meeting with a title company.

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I had a meeting with a title company today and I was blown away by their willingness to help me. Out of the 10-12 that I reached out to they were only one of two to respond. The “other guys” wouldn’t even entertain the thought and said underwriting didn’t want to touch it. They were so accommodating and kind enough to spend time out of their day to go over everything with me. They reminded me of so many of you here in the BP community. I even plugged the BP site and suggested they check it out. I am so excited about the coming weeks!! Everything is starting to fall into place. I can’t wait.

I'm not quite sure what they are helping with, but I recently had a similar experience.  I had a less common type of off market deal and the title company I selected was not helpful.  At all.  I called around and got the same answers, to varying degrees.  I was scared this deal wouldn't go through.

My last call was to a company here in town and they actually listened.  Realized I was stuck.  And, they came up with a solution.  So, I had the contract amended to reflect this new company and we should close next week.  Even if they are a bit more expensive, they get my business from now on.  Good people are worth the money.  

Glad you found your people.  

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