Breakdown of my Operation (25-30 Deals/month)

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Hey BP Fam! I've posted a few times on here over the last 2-3 years, and thought I would contribute to show my love. BP influenced me to get out of the rat race, and into something I was passionate about. 

Below is a brief snapshot of the company history, starting with 4 partners in 2015 where our primary acquisition strategy was knocking doors, bandit signs, and handwriting letters. Fast forward to today -- only two partners remain, and we're doing 20-30 deals per month in 5 different markets. 

Below is a % breakdown of where our deals are currently coming from. We put a ton of emphasis on our telemarketing and sms lead generation. We spend anywhere from 15-20k in data per month alone, and distribute to our call center and sms platform. The call center we've built from scratch, and staff roughly 120 agents (only a small percentage are on our own personal campaigns, the remaining we sub contract out to other

The team required to make this magic happen consists of the following staff:

  • (4) Acquisition Reps
  • (1) Analyst
  • (1) Transactions Manager
  • (1) Dispositions Manager
  • (1) Bookkeeper/Admin

We take an inside sales approach -- All offers are made over the phone, and contracts are executed via docusign. Once contracts are executed, we send an inspector out for a 5-point inspection. If the condition matches what the owner has conveyed, we move forward. If not, we discuss a re-trade (sales person set's the stage for this). 

Our acquisitions reps are simply skilled negotiators (we use John Martinez's) sales methodologies. They do not underwrite any deals, they're simply managers of their pipeline, making as many touches as possible, and focusing on qualify conversations. We leverage an in-house analyst who underwrites according to our buying/wholesale strategy. We found our acquisitions reps are able to produce far more by removing the task of comping from their plate. Below is red you can see where the analyst role lies within the acquisitions process. 

Goal for Q2 2019

Because our model is broken down like an assembly line, and each position is highly leveraged on other positions, we discovered we need to make a leap of faith and triple the size of our organization. The goal for each ACQ rep is 8 contracts (or 83k in Revenue/month), although not all of them hit that, we try to push the bar. 

  • (10-12) Acquisition Reps
  • (1) Acquisitions Mgr
  • (2) Analyst
  • (2) Transactions Manager
  • (2) Dispositions Manager
  • (1) Bookkeeper/Admin

That's where we're currently at, and where we are looking to be 3 quarters from now. If anyone has any questions, Im here to answer anything. 

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@Jared Vidales  super congrats! 

That’s interesting you do no direct mail marketing.  Can you elaborate on the SMS Marketing? What exactly are you doing? Mass texting? 

 Shoot me a private message on this..

@Jared Vidales  send me info as well on the SMS marketing. What are you using to get the phone numbers? Also, not sure about your states laws, but here in Florida sending SMS marketing is illegal unless you have contacted them before or they requested information, but I'm not 100% sure of the legality, so maybe someone else can chime in.