Millennial Flippers, John Martinez, All In Momentum

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Hey everyone, I'm looking to up my skills & knowledge on the acquisition side of SFR real estate flipping. I'm a house flipper based in the Bay Area and I do deals from San Francisco to Stockton. My acquisition prices range from $120k to $1.2 million. I'm about 1 year and 3 months into the business. Past education was through Fortune Builders. I generally concentrate on calling, door knocking, and sending handwritten mailers, which I learned from Mike Ferry's program (real estate agent coaching). This year, I haven't really improved my acquisitions skills like I did last year so I think it's time again to keep improving.

 I found a few events/courses around the West Coast and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with learning from these people? 

If anyone can suggest any other education events/courses, that would be helpful too. 

- Millennial Flippers - Located in LA - 1 day intensive - Price Unknown

- All In Momentum - Located in Phoenix, Arizona - $5,000-$7,500 - 2 day workshop + $597 for All In Academy

- John Martinez - Located in Denver - 2 day bootcamp - $2,500

- Wholesaling Inc - Bret Daniels - $5,000 - Not sure if this is an online course and/or event - Phoenix, Arizona

- American Flippers (Adam & Bobby) - Located in the Bay Area - Price - $10,000-$20,000

Any help would be great! 

I had no idea those things could be so expensive!! 

I think you are doing pretty well by yourself. 

Keep reading and expanding your knowledge, it is not always free but you can get a lot of books for 1000 bucks. 

Good luck!

I've been listening to the Wholesaling Inc podcasts.  I think they're great.

I think the best thing to do is to constantly read/listen to all you can.  I keep getting more and more ideas.  So many, in fact, that I can't possibly implement them all anytime soon.  I'm focusing on just a little (DMM, D4D and Bird Dogs, and cold calls - which I've been hesitant to start so far).  I'll add more as I get those channels humming.

@Nate Marshall Thanks Nate! I joined the program and it's amazing.  It's definitely helping me sharpen my skills.

@Barry Pekin I think I will join this program after I finish John Martinez program.  Thanks for the tip!

@Brant Richardson I do listen to it! I agree that there is a ton of information there.

@Jerryll Noorden The prices are very high! I have extra money to invest into myself to up my skills.