Working as a realtor and a wholesaler

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@Brandi Vigil   the first thing you need to find is a Brokerage that is willing to let you wholesale as a realtor.  They have a problem because they don't feel comfortable with the transaction (no safeguards) and they can't often monetize it.

I was lucky to find one here in California.  I started by hiring a person to be the face of my wholesaling team last September.  Since then we/he has put 35 properties under contract to date.  I pay him around $5-10K per deal and pay for all the tools and advertising that he needs. (Facebook, Google Ads, Calling software, etc.)  Yes it can get expensive, but I make around $50-$80k per deal after I flip them.  

Since then we have about 15 other "newbies" working/volunteering for us learning the business.  Start reaching out to young kids wanting to learn the wholesaling business in your area on BiggerPockets.  The group is getting noticed on social media and other platforms.  They put out content almost daily now and are getting a good return on our investment.

I must admit that I just started the ball rolling and the Wholesaler I hired (no job due to Covid) has really exceeded my expectations. I don't' do the calling but look at most of the properties with him and I do provide him with all the ARV's. He is actually getting to the point where he can do the ARV's on his own.

Good Investing...

@Joe Homs . Thank you for that information. I know of two guys, brother-in-laws where one is the realtor and the other one is the wholesaler. It definitely seems to be the better way to handle it. I’m doing this on my own for now and when my husband can join me, he will be the face of wholesale. Thankfully, I do have a brokerage that is good with wholesaling.