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Transcripts of the BiggerPockets Podcast

BiggerPockets Podcast

In order to make the information in the BiggerPockets Podcast more accessible, we've set out to transcribe all episodes. As we add them, they will be included in this directory and on the show notes page for the appropriate episode. Keep a look out -- we've got many more on the way.

Show 159: How to Build a Real Estate Business That Buys 60 Deals a Year with Nathan Brooks
Show 158: An Easy-to-Follow Blueprint for Building Your Real Estate Deal Pipeline with Jeff DeCarlo
Show 157: A Simple Morning Ritual to Help You Dominate Every Area of Your Life with Hal Elrod
Show 156: Lifestyle Engineering Through Commercial, Residential, and Vacation Rentals with Mark Spidell
Show 155: From Zero to 200+ Deals in Five Years with Sharad Mehta
Show 154: Finding Incredible Deals to Flip or Rent from 3,000 Miles Away with Bob Couture
Show 153: From $600k in Debt to 108 Single Family Rentals with Linda McKissack
Show 152: Building Wealth and Passive Income with Rental Properties with Ben Leybovich, Brian Burke, and Serge Shukhat
Show 151: Finding Your “Freedom Number” with Clayton Morris
Show 150: Designing a Lifestyle-Based Real Estate Business with Luke Swab
Show 149: Early Retirement, Real Estate Bubbles, and Dangerous Scams with Radio/TV Star Clark Howard!
Show 148: From 0 to 51 Units Despite Living in a Crazy Expensive Location with Nazz Wang
Show 147: Turning “Weird” Properties Into Cash-Flowing Monsters with Johnny Youssef
Show 146: Buying 100+ Units Through Word of Mouth Marketing with Enrique Jevons
Show 145: Creative Investing in an Expensive Market, Seller Financing, and Buying Foreclosures with Grammy-Nominated Jeremy Jones
Show 144: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone and Kicking Butt at Real Estate with Danny Johnson
Show 143: Quitting a 6-Figure Job to Go Full-Time in Real Estate with Nick Baldo
Show 142: BP Podcast 142: 22 ½ ACTIONABLE Tips for Beginner Real Estate Investors With Josh and Brandon!
Show 141: 7 Ways to Find Incredible Real Estate Deals with Chad Carson
Show 140: The Riches Are in the Niches (Like Student Housing) with Bill Syrios
Show 139: Getting Started as a Businessman, Not a Handyman with Fat Tony
Show 138: Self Storage, Systems, and SEO with Michael Rogers
Show 137: How to Use Systems to Scale Your Real Estate Business with Sam Craven
Show 136: Building an Incredible Real Estate Pipeline with Shawn Holsapple
Show 135: Raising Money to Buy 1,000 Apartment Units with Brian Adams
Show 134: Creative Finance and Gaining a Millionaire Mindset with Pro BMX Rider Terry Adams
Show 133: Scaling Your Business From Scratch to $50 Million in Assets with Jason Cohen
Show 132: How Brie Schmidt Grew Her Real Estate Portfolio by 50 Units in 1 Year
Show 131: Investing in Multifamily Properties in a HOT Real Estate Market with Serge Shukhat
Show 130: Ten Smart Tips for Making $1M+ Flipping Houses with Will Barnard
Show 129: Live-in Flips, Frugality, and Finance with Mindy Jensen
Show 128: Investing in Foreclosures, Quitting Your Job, and Getting More Than 10 Loans with Anca Rader
Show 127: How to Use a Partnership to Acquire (and Manage) 100+ Units with James Wise
Show 126: From 0 to 400+ Units Through Value-Add Investing with Brian Murray
Show 125: The Key to Business Success with Bestselling Author of The E-Myth Michael Gerber
Show 124: Building a Real Estate Empire At a Young Age with Jered Sturm
Show 123: Overcoming an Ugly Past to Become a Cash Flow King with Justin Escajeda
Show 122: 5 Myths Holding Investors Back From Real Estate Greatness with Chris Clothier
Show 121: Creating the IDEAL Real Estate Investing Business with Andrew and Phillip Syrios
Show 120: How to Find, Analyze, and Finance an Incredible Real Estate Deal!
Show 119: From Pro Athlete to Pro Real Estate Entrepreneur with Graham Mink
Show 118: Condos, Multifamily, and Dealing with Management with Himanshu Jain
Show 117: Maximizing Productivity to Get Things Done with David Allen
Show 116: How to Quit Your Job Through Wholesaling, Flipping, and Taking Action with Nasar Elarabi
Show 115: Getting Started with Apartment Complex Investing with Jeff Greenberg
Show 114: How to Invest in (& Have Fun with) Vacation Rentals with Scott Sutherland
Show 113: Becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Investor Using The One Thing with Jay Papasan
Show 112: “Little Old Lady House” Investing with Mark Updegraff
Show 111: A Unique (and Profitable) Real Estate Niche You’ve Probably Never Considered with Jefferson Lilly
Show 110: Eliminating the Hassle Factor As a Landlord with Glenn McCrorey
Show 109:You Will Get Sued. Here’s How To Survive with Attorney Scott Smith
Show 108: Building a $350 Million Real Estate Empire Using the 10X Rule with Grant Cardone
Show 107: Making $47,000 On Your First Deal with Jonathan Makovsky
Show 106: How to Do 100+ Deals Without a Bank (While Raising Unlimited Funds) with Mike Sumsky
Show 105: From Minimum Wage to Full Time Flipper with Ophelia Nicholson
Show 104: How to Build a Scalable Real Estate Business and Design an Incredible Lifestyle with Todd Whiddon
Show 103: Building a Long Distance Real Estate Empire One House at a Time with Elizabeth Colegrove
Show 102: How to Struggle and Still Succeed at Real Estate with Scott Costello
Show 101: From Real Estate Agent to Profitable Landlord with Dawn Brenengen
Show 100: The 1st Deal, Management Drama, and the Birth of BiggerPockets with Joshua Dorkin
Show 099: 3 Personal Finance Bloggers & Their First Real Estate Investment with Scott, Lauren, and Philip
Show 098: Value-Add Investing and Doing $1 Billion in Real Estate Transactions with Allan Glass
Show 097: Quitting Your Job and Overcoming Real Estate Obstacles with Kyle Pettit
Show 096: Finding Deals, Wholesaling and House Flipping in a Hot Market With Anson Young
Show 095: Multifamily Investments, Partnerships, and Raising Your Kids to Be Entrepreneurs With Curt Bidwell
Show 094: House Hacking, Partnerships, and Investing in Multi-families While Working a Full Time Job with Michael Siekerka
Show 093: 0 to 400 Deals (in 5 Years!) via Smart Marketing with Erik Stark
Show 092: No (and Low) Money Down Real Estate Investing with Brandon Turner
Show 091: Getting Started as a Real Estate Wholesaler with Ben Grise
Show 090: My First Real Estate Investment – A Newbie Podcast With Matt, Romeo and KC
Show 089: From High School Dropout to 300+ Real Estate Deals with Engelo Rumora
Show 088: Investing with Your Spouse, Managing Financials, and Growing Your Team with Matt and Liz Faircloth
Show 087: How to Thrive After The Collapse of a Real Estate Empire with Nathan Brooks
Show 086: House Hacking Your Way to 97 Units (While Holding a Full Time Job!) with Cory Binsfield
Show 085: Hybrid Investing, Long Distance Rentals, and Property Management with Mike McKinzie
Show 084: Getting Started with Creative Finance and Designing Your Ideal Lifestyle With Chad Carson
Show 083: Profitable Landlording with Integrity with Marcia Maynard
Show 082: From 0 to 800 Real Estate Deals with David Krulac
Show 081: Generating Real Estate Leads Through Direct Mail with Michael Quarles
Show 080: Smart Rental Property Investing, Getting Your License, and Investing For Retirement with Jonna Weber
Show 079: Low Income Landlording and Investing to Make a Difference with Michele and Bruce Fischer
Show 078: BP Podcast 078: Quitting Your Job, Buy & Hold Investing, and Succeeding With High-End Rentals with Brie Schmidt
Show 077: Negotiating Your Way to 1000 Wholetail Real Estate Deals with Michael Quarles
Show 076: Growing Your Real Estate Company Into a $30 Million Dollar Business with Brian Burke
Show 075: Mobile Home Investing and Getting Started With John Fedro
Show 074: Buying My First Investment Property- A Newbie Podcast with Jordan, Jacob and Jeromie
Show 073: Investing in Rental Properties When Your Local Area is Too Expensive With Mehran Kamari
Show 072: Managing Hundreds of Tenants and Getting Uncle Sam to Pay the Rent with Mark Ainley
Show 071: Finding Great Deals and Getting Started as a Wholesaler with Phillip Vincent
Show 070: From Zero to Hundreds of Deals in Under Two Years with Grant Kemp
Show 069: Getting Your First Deal, Quitting Your Job, and Successful Marketing with Brandon Krieg
Show 068: Being a Superhero House Flipper, Investor, and Team Leader with Mark Ferguson
Show 067: Overcoming Inaction, Direct Mail, and Becoming an Successful Wholesaler with Tim Gordon
Show 066: Flips, Apartments, & Protecting Yourself From Professional Tenants with Michael Blank
Show 065: Creative Investing, Mistakes, and Bulletproof Vests with Wendell De Guzman
Show 064: 50 Units in 5 Years while Working a Full Time Job with Josh Sterling
Show 063: Automating Your Investing, Long Distance Rehabs and Spec Building with J Scott
Show 062: Managing Tenants For Maximum Profit & Minimal Stress with Phil Dwyer
Show 061:How to Succeed in Multifamily Investing – A Unique Conversation with Josh, Brandon, and Ben
Show 060: From 0 to 68 Rental Units in Just Four Years with Serge Shukhat
Show 059: Mastering Multiple Real Estate Investing Niches and Getting Started with Paul Tschetter Show 058: Flipping and Wholesaling Homes While Working Full Time with Justin Silverio
Show 057: An Introduction to Investing in Vacation Rental Properties with Matt Landau
Show 056: Syndicating Deals, Investing without Tenants, and Tax Liens with Ankit Duggal
Show 055: The Five Steps Needed to Get Any Lender to Say “Yes” with Jimmy Moncrief
Show 054: Investing in Under $30k Real Estate, Working a Day Job, and Good Vs. Bad Neighborhoods with Lisa Phillips
Show 053: Investing Without Loans and Retiring Early with Jason Hull
Show 052: Buying Apartment Complexes, Raising Millions, and Building a Profitable Business with Ken McElroy
Show 051: Small Multifamily Properties, Working a Full Time Job, and Training Tenants with Mike Sherwood
Show 050: Getting Started and No Money Down House Flipping with Mike Simmons
Show049: Real Estate Tax Tips, Jokes, and Loopholes With Amanda Han
Show 048: Duplex Investing, Finding Great Properties, and Tips for Managing Tenants with Darren Sager
Show 047: Apartment Complexes, NNN Leases, and Commercial Real Estate with Joel Owens
Show 046: Six Figure Profit Spec Building and Marketing for Incredible Deals with Jon Klaus
Show 045: Finding Your Unfair Advantage, Rural Investing, and Getting Started with Tom Sylvester
Show 044: Creating Systems to Flip Houses While Still Employed with Michael Woodward
Show 043: Getting Started, Making Offers, and Crazy Properties with Shaun Reilly
Show 042: Building a Monster Wholesaling Business with Mike Nelson
Show 041: How to Profit Through Long Term Flipping and Lease Options with Douglas Larson
Show 040: 40 Quick Tips for Buying Your First (or Next) Investment Property
Show 039: Dirt Cheap Land Flipping and Reaching Motivated Sellers with Seth Williams
Show 038: Unique Strategies for Buying Real Estate with Travis Daggett
Show 037: Full Time Income, Part Time Lifestyle Real Estate Investing with Aaron Mazzrillo
Show 036: How to Be an Awesome and Profitable Landlord with Kevin Perk
Show 035: Quitting Your Job, Lifestyle Design, and Being a Traveling Landlord with Paula Pant
Show 034: Virtual Real Estate Investing and How to Find Great Deals in a Hot Market with Anson Young
Show 033: How to Close 27 Deals in Your First Year While Working Full Time with Sam Craven
Show 032: Luxury House Flipping, Finding Deals, and Discovering Your Niche with Will Barnard
Show 031: Building a Professional Wholesaling Business with Lamar Cannon
Show 030: Conservative Real Estate Investing and Starting Out with Kenny Estes
Show 029: Using Peer-to-Peer Lending to Finance Deals, Cash Flow, and Fix and Hold Investing with Dawn Anastasi
Show 028: Note Investing and Raising Private Money with Dave Van Horn
Show 027: Fix and Flipping, Wholesaling, Marketing, and More with Jason and Katherine Grote
Show 026: Building a Scalable Real Estate Business and Tenant Management Tips with Chris Clothier
Show 025: Four Newbies and Their Very First Real Estate Success Stories
Show 024: House Flipping and Deal Analysis with Michael LaCava
Show 023: Flipping While Working a Job, Partnerships, and Military Investing with James Vermillion
Show 022: Building a Marketing Machine, Spec Houses, Flipping & Wholesaling with Tucker Merrihew
Show 020: 20 Deadly Mistakes For Real Estate Investors to Avoid
Show 019: Short Sales Tips, Starting Out in Real Estate, & Working w/ Virtual Assistants with Tracy Royce
Show 018: Flipping, Marketing, and Wholesaling with Danny Johnson
Show 017: Finding Mentors, Facing Retirement, and Note Investing with Jeff Brown
Show 016: Land Contracts, Creative Selling, and Finding Private Money with Clay Huber
Show 015: From $80k in Credit Card Debt to 100+ Deals with Glenn and Amber Schworm
Show 014: Cash Flow, Creative Finance, and Life with Ben Leybovich
Show 013: Buying Real Estate with Seller Financing and Speculating with Leon Yang
Show 012: Wholesaling and Marketing with Sharon Vornholt
Show 011:The Ultimate Beginner's Podcast for Real Estate Investing with Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner
Show 010: Flipping Houses 101 with J. Scott
Show 009: Using Hard Money Lenders to Grow Your Business with Ann Bellamy
Show 008: Learning to Be a Profitable but Ethical Landlord with Al Williamson
Show 007: Making Appraisals Work For You with Ryan Lundquist
Show 006: Investing While Working a Full Time Job with Arthur Garcia
Show 005: Dealing with Death - a Financial Discussion with Neal Frankle
Show 004: Commercial Real Estate Investing with Frank Gallinelli
Show 003: Getting Started in Real Estate and Raising Money with Brian Burke
Show 002: Subject To, Direct Mail, and Investing from a Woman's Perspective with Karen Rittenhouse
Show 001: Building a Successful House Flipping Business and Losing Millions with Marty Boardman