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@Brandon Penn , thanks a lot for posting this. Real estate investment has been something I wanted to do since I was leaving high school but never knew how to get into. I’m grateful for people like you and the folks at BP for creating an environment that isn’t dog eat dog. I appreciate the inspiration. You’ve just made another investment into the lives of newbies like me and I’m grateful. Also, congratulations! That is a huge accomplishment.

@Brandon Penn Congrats man! That's one of my goals to eventually own some units. You're absolutely right about not giving up. All of our journeys are different. 

@Brandon Penn This is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing and congrats on your goal! Looking forward to seeing you attain your next one!

@Brandon Penn

Congratulations Brandon.

I am just starting, Rented my home and moved to new one. Now starting new construction, 3 lots are under contract one acreage each, plan to build 3 homes and sell those.

Thanks, @Brandon Penn ! Way to go on your 100 units! This is very inspiring! 

@Brandon Penn

 Nice job Brandon! I am glad to hear about your real life success story. Some investors I speak to in the "real world" think BP is great for motivation, but doesn't apply to how they invest in RE. I will see you when I get to my first 100 doors; only 92 to go...……………….

@Brandon Penn what an inspiring post. Thanks for taking the time to offer your insights and above all, CONGRATS and enjoy!

@Brandon Penn congrats! That’s a big accomplishment. I have the same goal. 73 down 27 to go. What’s next on your plate ?

@Brandon Penn

Wow! Congratulations on meeting your goals. And thank you for posting on here about it. I am VERY new to all this and reading your posts is inspiring. 

@Brandon Penn

Congratulations Brandon!

I started with 4 units 2 years ago

Now I’m at 20 units and I want to hit 100 units. That’s my goal for the next 5 years.

I want to talk to you to hear your story. How can I talk to you ?

Many congratulations!  Fortitude and grit will get you far.

@Brandon Penn very inspirational! As a newbie investor I love hearing things like this! 👍🏽

Congratulations buddy. Some people I’m sure will say or think that you got lucky that you knew an investor and he/she helped you. But they won’t see your hard work and sweat that you put in to achieve your success. God Bless.

congratulations Brandon- awesome accomplishment!!  

Originally posted by @Brandon Penn :

I just hit one of my major life goals of owning over 100 units! I just closed a 70 unit deal which puts me at 118 units total. The reason I post this in the starting out section, is it is important for anyone just getting started that it really does start with that 1st deal. I got my start in 2013 by renting out my residential home instead of selling it when I moved. I hadn't thought about becoming a true real estate investor at that time. I just wanted to buy residential homes and rent them out when I moved so that when I retired I would have a little extra income coming in. From there I realized how much I enjoyed being a landlord and thought about maybe doing more than just a couple properties. Fast forward to today and I now have over 100 which has been a major life goal for me for the last 3 years. This allows me the option to quit my job if I ever decide to, as well as secure that I will be able to retire by the age of 45. I'm not where I plan to end up, but this is a huge step forward for me. When people think of success or wealth they see the fancy cars, big homes, and amazing vacations. They don't realize all the time, most of which is unpaid, sweat, and tears that goes into becoming successful/financially independent. They don't realize the sacrifices you have to make with friends, and family. The sleepless nights of wondering how the heck you are going to pay for all these bills starting pile up. My advice to new investors is to just keep pushing through. Make sure you are educated with what you are doing, and just keep moving forward. Eventually everything falls into place as long as you don't give up!

Way to go.  I love seeing posts like this.  It's not easy, but its also not as hard as people make it out to be. A lot of it comes to your ability to take on risk. 

@Brandon Penn Congratulations! I read these in preparation for my first deal. Thank you for detailing your purchase.

@Brandon Penn This is great man. I am just getting started myself and I appreciate your vantage point from a few miles down the road! thanks for sharing. 

That's super awesome! I'm in the process of completing my first renovation on my duplex and this is so motivating. Cheers to your success. #keeppushingfor100units

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