Partnership rental investing

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I am 18 years old who is eager to learn and build wealth to achieve financial independence in rental investment. I live in around Irvine, 92620 but I am open to any form of investment strategy whether that is a long-distance investment (my resources in finance is limited) or simply pooling money to buy houses in nearby cities. Any form of help or partnership would be much appreciated. 

To be honest, I am just stepping into real estate and only have read a couple of books and research into different loans type. Therefore, I have zero experience but the book. I believe that I can grow better by pairing it with real-life experience if the opportunity arises.

@David Pham welcome to BP here in Orange County. I would suggest that you educate yourself first. You can also check out some local Meetup groups in your area to see what everyone else tour age is doing. Becareful not to get caught up in a “Ghru” trap. Maybe think about getting your Real Estate license just for the education?

Good investing.

@Joe Homs I totally agree with the educational aspect. It is best to be the most knowledgeable person to succeed and avoid drowning others as well. However, I believe that I can grow more pairing it with the on-site application, a form of shadowing. Meet up was a great suggestion, I was able to hunt down some investment groups locally. Can you elaborate more on the "Ghru" trap? As far as real estate license, I am not seeking to get one at this time before trying to manage without it. 

Thank you for the post