New BiggerPockets Promo Video - (In case you haven't watched it yet)

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"Slave away at a job...... until you DIE."


Good production =) 

Makes me want to leave my office... right now... because I feel like I may die if I sit in this chair any longer...

Awesome production! Glad I became a member and recently upgraded to a PRO membership. Great job guys! Keep up the good work.


Nice work, guys!

vimeo need sign up to watch video?

Hey @Account Closed  - you shouldn't need to sign up for anything - just click the video above and it should play. 


Great work.

great video!  

Sweet!  Great job, Brandon...

Great viddy. How many people were waiting for the word "ruuural" though?!

Awesome video!  You continue to do wonderful things through BiggerPockets.  Thank You!

Well done production.  If I wasn't already a member, this video would make me sign up!


Hey @Brandon Turner my two cents would be that this video is very smooth, perhaps a bit too smooth. I've listened to most of the podcasts and I like how informal/real/down-to-earth they are. I think one of the strengths of BP is that you don't have to spend very long on the site or listening to the podcasts to realize that it is made of up a bunch of real people just being real. There's a fine line between professional (good), and over-polished/artificial (bad). In a space like real estate investing I think there's probably too much over-polished sales pitchy stuff out there, so I'd tend to air on the side of staying a little less polished, a little more authentic. 

Just my two cents. Curious what others think.

That's fantastic!

@Brandon Turner  How did you guys get William Shatner  to make a cameo in your video (1:43)? If this post gains more than 10 votes it's decide that this man is definitely William Shatner.

@Orion Walker  I would have to agree with this man. It's so smooth it feels like one of those corporate marketing videos, which really isn't your guys' style. Because after watching that video, and then going to the podcasts, I would say, "wait a minute, this went from corporate stiff pitch to awesome down to earth funny dudes talking real estate." When I think of BP, I think of the common man's RE site...what's still good about america, which then makes the site much more approachable and RE less esoteric. 

I would have preferred a few star wipes, but other than that, excellent work, and thank you for all that you have done to to build such an amazing community.

Great work, guys!  I'm certainly happy to be here!  My little spark is a small fire now! :)

Oh, and FWIW, I agree with @Orion Walker   & @Jordan Thibodeau  .  I probably wouldn't be here (and definitely wouldn't have ponied up for pro) if I had seen that video the first time I logged in.  

That being said...I love it here, even if I am mostly a lurker for the time being. 


Thanks for all the feedback, everyone -- even those of you who didn't think the video was "gritty" enough for BP. Of course, I disagree with you guys that we need a video to be as unpolished as Brandon and I are podcast hosts to be worthy -- the video was designed to evoke emotion and I think it does just that. That said, I do see your perspective.  

@Karyn T.  - We're glad you're here!

Thanks Josh,

  I've actually been commuting from Everett, WA (suburb north of Seattle) to Astoria, OR for work all summer.  I listen to the podcasts on what is usually a 5+ hour commute, one way.  Ironically, I pass right by Brandon's house along the way, where ever it is, in Montesanto/Aberdeen, WA, so it kinda makes me feel like I'm on a conference call.  The podcasts are great for keeping me awake on that long haul, through some seriously RUUUUURal Washington countryside (it is gorgeous, as he always says!).  Keep up the good work!


Hey @Joshua Dorkin , last two cents on this and then I'll let it go. I bet Pat Flynn (I've heard you mention him a couple times on the podcast, been following him for years) would back me up on my notion that this video has too much of a polished corporate feel. How about doing a split test? Do a scrappy video with you and @Brandon Turner introducing the site or something, randomly split new visits to the site, and track how many folks sign up (or something like that, I'm not an expert on split testing). I KNOW Pat would recommend testing it in various ways. Anyhow, not trying to beat the issue to death, just offering my two cents. I'm a huge fan of the site and want to see the site (and you guys) be as successful as possible. 


Hey @Orion Walker  - we actually agree 100% on the split test. We actually have probably 20 or 30 different tests going right now, including the video (on/off) BUT trying to create a second video will take more time so we haven't done that yet. 

My theory (that we want to test) is this: people who listen to the podcast, who know our personalities, will react far different to the video, but those coming fresh from Google or wherever, who have no idea about Josh or me, will be turned off by a more 'casual" video. That's my theory anyways! But yes, I can guarantee we'll be testing it. Testing is my middle name.

Okay... my middle name is Richard. But "testing" is a close second. 

Cool. Not surprised that you're on top of the split testing. That stuff always interests me (what works, what doesn't what people respond to...) maybe you can update this post sometime down the road when the data has spoken. 




An excellent video!  If I weren't already a member, I'd join today. 


Kathleen Wilcox, Consultant

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