Who is on your BP "fantasy team"

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I'm giving my top 3 but feel free to give your top 3, 5, or 10.

1. @marcia Maynard

2. @Al Williamson

3. @ben Leybovich

All are fine, but here's mine:

1. Bill G.

2. Bill G.

3. Bill G.

Shameless self promotion I know,  but had to beat Ben and Brandon to it! :)

@Bill Gulley You beat me to it!

So I have to go with these three

1. Me


3. And I

i see this thread going over the cliff

Why would this thread go over a cliff?  There are lots of good folks here on BP.  Without any order, I admire many but here are a few:

@Rich Weese


@Ben Leybovich

@James Wise - a man who is actually colleagues with the BP heroes!  By being colleagues with James, I feel more connected to the cool people on the site.  Thanks, man!

Actually aren't you supposed to say what position they would be in too?  

Thanks Mike Mckinzie.

I have some experiences with several BP members. What goes a long way with me is dealing with honest people who I would partner up with using REAL money. Since I have tried to do that more than once with Jon Klaus, he would be at the top. I have appreciated getting helpful info from other BP members, but that should be a given.


p.s. Since I am in Dallas at present to finish due diligence on a couple apt. complexes for my 1031 and only asked one person to dinner who also happens to be Jon--I'll stick with him at the top.

Guys - thanks indeed for mentioning me. Although, I think you're misled...

After all, Cardone told me on that episode of CardoneZone that if it were up to me, no one would ever buy anything - I'd scare everyone!

You sure you want me on your team @Mike McKinzie ? You seem to be doing just great as is, my friend ...lol

j scott

grant cordone

joe villeneuve

joel owens

Hmm... well, I'm not as active on the forums as most of you but I listen to lots of podcasts. Here are mine:

1. Grant Cardone (He'd be my coach/mentor. I love his energy, not to mention he couldn't care less how crazy other ppl think he is. 10X baby!)

2. Michael Quarles (He'd take all my calls and use his mad neurolinguistics skills to help close deals.)

3. Jay Scott (He would be my project manager, of course!)

4. Brandon Turner (so he can make cool videos on my site!)

Originally posted by @Rene Martinez :

1. Michael Quarles
2. Dev Horn
3. Jerry Puckett
4. Brian Gibbons

 @Rene Martinez

You are too kind thank you for the mention and PM me so we can talk about getting some deals done:)

Originally posted by @Jon Klaus :
Originally posted by @Michael Quarles
speaking of team

The best

 Wow, just wow.  How does Josh manage THAT?

 I just woke up and I haven't laughed this hard all week. My one pack ab is hurting.

So, I am going to answer this a little bit different and am thankful to @Ryan Mullin for the mention and alerting me to the thread!

There are four people on here that I would surround myself for advice on a daily basis.  I have listened to them, sought advice from them and paid very close attention to what they say here on BP for years.  The main reason I would seek their advice is that they would tell me like it is - regardless of what I wanted to hear - and that is main reason to listen to them.  No B.S., just shoot it straight whether I agree or not and even when I don't want to hear it.  This, in my opinion, would be my dream team of advisers.

@J Scott

@Will Barnard

Account Closed

@Dawn A.

@Eric D.

@Brian Burke (His link won't work)

@J Scott

@Brandon Turner

@Marcia Maynard (Hers won't either)

@Jon Holdman

Updated over 3 years ago

@Sue Kelly (I put her in the original, but she got deleted...Weird)

@Chris Clothier

I have to say I am honored to be on your list.

While The Holton-Wise Property Group's business model differs from yours and other traditional turnkey businesses when @John Holton & I decided to expand our business to include property management your company was somewhat of an inspiration for us and we looked at some of the things you guys were doing for your customers and implemented them in our own company.

Specifically, I remember listening to your BP pod cast a couple years ago. You spoke about using multiple leasing agents & using multiple FOR RENT signs in a single yard.  I loved that idea and have since stolen it from you. : )

my list.  

God - without him what else matters 

Bobby Fischer - figure out the complicated crap. 

Rambo - survival is paramount. 

MacGyver / The Professor.  - if something needs fixed or created they're my guys  

Pamela Anderson. - obvious reasons.  

Warren Buffett - never want to be under capitalized.  

Oprah -  when I need a little more drive. 

Loren cordain - gotta eat.  

I hate these things, as I always end up leaving people out that I meant to include...but here goes...

My general take is that anyone who has accomplished something I'd like to accomplish is on my list, as they clearly have a set of skills that I don't (yet?) have.

Josh Dorkin - Built an awesome company from the ground up

Brandon Turner - Josh may be the good looks of BP, but Brandon is the brains behind the recent epic growth.  Hmmm, wait...I think Brandon is the good looks as well... ;-)

People who have achieved massive scale (something that I believe is the hardest part of most businesses) -- Chris Clothier, Brian Burke, Michael Quarles, Wendell de Guzman, Jay Hinrichs

People I would love to be able to pick up the phone any time of day or night to get advice from -- Jon Klaus, Karen Margrave, Will Bernard, Darren Sager, Jon Holdman, Joel Owens, Bryan Hancock

People who have achieved tremendous success in areas I'm not sure I'd even attempt -- Mike McKinzie, Ben Leybovich, Brian Gibbons, Brie Schmidt, Ann Bellamy, Mark Ferguson

People I respect and trust enough to continually move money back and forth with in the real world -- Todd Whiddon, Cal Crowden, Ned Carey, Brandon Turner, Christina Ramirez, Ray Browne (and several others who I'm not going to mention because I'm not sure they want to be called out in this capacity)

People I don't always agree with, but who provide tremendous knowledge that always forces me to rethink my ideas and positions -- Bill G, Rich Weese

People who have been instrumental in getting me to where I am today -- That's about 1000 of you guys and gals...I can't name just a few...

Aw man it's gym class all over again. 

Does any one need a CPA who can also build a chicken coop? These are unique skills - maybe as a 2nd or 3rd round pick? 

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