Reccomendations needed from Austin locals to buy & invest

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I've been thinking and looking into moving out of CA for the obvious reason of high cost of living. When it comes to investing, the barrier of entry is also very high. 

So I'm thinking AUSTIN, TEXAS. Ive been reading into this city and the pros outweigh the cons for me.

I've decided to go there myself this August and experience it myself.

Anyone from the area have suggestions on parts of town I should look to purchase a home and also areas of great cash flow for rentals.

*The size of home you can get in Austin for the money compared to CA is just ridiculous.

@Michael Bangsal I love Austin and will probably move back soon.

Probably best to take a look at deals down there if you’re looking to invest. Most of the best cashflow properties are a little further out of the city too.