Where are the real investors? Any one know?... Bueller... Bueller

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Originally posted by @Bill Brandt :

Could we start simple? We have connect and follow. How about block or unfollow? I’ve had too many experiences with “users” that post the same comments to every post, users that only post negative, you can’t do that crud, and add nothing to the experience but rather only take away. 

If I could block 20-30 users posts from showing to me it would greatly enhance my experience. 

Don’t everyone rush to block me now, I was only trying to help. :-)

 I think there is a block function.. ????  @Mindy Jensen   ?  its called the Joe Gore button.. 

@Cody L. I'd actually love reading more posts from people who are where I want to be! Your idea sounds like a great solution.

@Michaela G. I can only assume your post was directed at me. I can assure you I do not feel less than anyone on this forum, because frankly the number of doors or net worth someone has does not impress me to the level that I think they are better than me. Being able to learn from more experienced people is why I'm here. So to move all of the experts to another forum defeats the purpose and it would be awesome to be able to see conversations that are happening at a higher level, even if I can't post myself, like Cody above suggested. 

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This post has been removed.

Originally posted by @Cody L. :
Originally posted by @Jay Hinrichs:
Originally posted by @Gregory Storm:
Originally posted by @Steve Snyder:

BiggerPockets for a long time was a great place where investors could meet and exchange information and work together. Over the past year I have noticed a trend of a lot more newbies coming in just looking for information and a lot less real players who truly invest and work together. 

SO... I have two questions....

1) Has anyone else noticed this trend?

2) Where are the real real estate investors conversing if not on this forum?

Trying to figure out where everyone went.


My guess is that the "real investors" are busy investing -- doing deals, looking for properties, walking job sites and making stuff happen. Speaking for myself, that's what I've been doing.  As much as I enjoy these forums, there are other priorities that demand time first.

After looking at your BP Profile, I have a couple of questions for you.

  1. Your web site hasn't been updated since 2016.  Why? 
  2. Your https://twitter.com/PrivateMoneyEZ Twitter account hasn't been updated since 2016.  Why?
  3. Your https://www.facebook.com/privatemoneyloan/ Facebook Page hasn't been updated since 2016. Why?
  4. Your social links on your BiggerPockets profile are all broken and make it look like you're not paying attention to details. Why?

Maybe it's because you're busy doing deals and making stuff happen or maybe it's because you're spending too much time on BiggerPockets forum instead of doing deals.

Your post and profile got my attention at the right time because I'm opening escrow on five new properties and might need more lending options.  But as an investor who does fix & flip deals in Los Angeles who is open to working with new private lenders, I'm eager to hear why it looks like you've abandoned your private money business. I'm not saying you have abandoned it, but since there are no updates in almost two years, it definitely looks that way.

 not to get totally off topic but west coast fix and flippers are in the cat bird seat when it comes to rates and terms these days.. the big crowdfunders.. the Genesis ,  Anchor,  Aloha , Civic, Norris, Lending home ,  Peer street   all of these folks are competing for your business.

I don't know anything about social stuff I personally don't really care for it.. I don't have a twitter account I opened a linkdin long ago and never looked at it again..  and I do a ton of business nationwide.. so not sure that matters or maybe it does I don't even know what Twitter does in a business context  other than I hear Trump use it all the time.. and facebook same thing I would NEVER engage a lender on that site its a social site.. Too many wanna bee's and fruads .  And since I drive a Tesla I have heard of Musk using twitter talking about buying his stock back and taking It private.. 

Dude, we have a lot in common...

 And dude, if I was a betting man I would bet you have a P100 Ludacris  :)  me I am cheap I have basic model S and one step up X for the wife.. I was going to buy a 3 changed my mind on that one..   I get where a lot of these folks are coming from.. When I go to our Pilots owner and operators forums.. you get humbled every day.. with long time pilots  guys who have made it big in their business's and talk about the new jet they just bought etc etc … so I know how people feel when they are starting in real estate.. I only have 1k hours of flight time over many years and a lot of these pilots are pro's with 10 to 20k hours.. or the owners as I stated just sold their company for 100 million etc etc  we all get humbled right about the time we think we are something  LOL..  But you talk about networking holly molly.. 

Originally posted by @Michaela G. :

Why are some of you new investors so catty about this? 

Sounds like the girlfriend that won't let her boyfriend go out with his friends, because she now feels that she's not enough for him. 

It doesn't take anything away from you and doesn't make you less of a person. You are who you are, so be realistic about the level you're in. 

I'm a fulltime investor, but I would never think that I'm enough to hang with the big investors and wouldn't want to waste their time, that they could spend with someone more their level. But that doesn't make me less than I am.

Nobody is being "catty" and nobody is unworthy of hanging out with big investors, including you. If they feel like being around newbies or smaller investors is a waste of their time, they are free to spend their time doing something else, but new investors should not be discouraged from trying to surround themselves with more experienced people.

There are plenty of features on this site to make life easier for everyone, including big investors. We can follow certain users, use keyword searches, listen to hundreds of bigger pockets podcasts, or if someone really thinks they are awesome she can put in an application to be interviewed on the podcast herself to get her name out there like a Shiloh or Jay. I've listened to Shiloh's podcast like 6 times and I'd LOVE to hear from others like him, but if someone doesn't want to sift through a lot of entry level questions...then maybe they shouldn't be on a message board? 

Like it or not creating a thread with the title "Where are the real investors?" is pompous and rude, so the guy shouldn't be surprised if he receives a little criticism for it. I'm sure he can handle it.

You know that expression, “If you have to ask how much X costs, you probably can’t afford it.”

Along the same lines, maybe if you have to ask where the players are, you’re not quite ready to be rubbing elbows with them...

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Originally posted by @Jacque Sacramento:

This site is to put money in Josh Dorkins pocket not youRS........................................

Steve Synder sees something he should start a website.  I bet it would die a quick death.

 Troll much Jacque  ???   uncalled for  and not appreciated I am sure by most.. for a free website to then pick on the founder like this is BS

@Mindy Jensen   we may need the Jacque button. LOL.

This post has been removed.

I agree with Jay.  Every post I've seen by Jacque is like a hit and run.  Throw 1 troll like sentence, without substance,  and sit back to see how others react.

This post has been removed.

Originally posted by @Steve Vaughan :

I can name quite a few extremely knowledgeable members that were very generous with their time that up and stopped posting altogether.  Most a few years ago, some more recently. I don't know why they left or where they went, but I feel repetitive answer fatigue, too.  I certainly yap a lot less than I used to.

I look to and connect with the new rock stars like Caleb that are out there helping anyway they can.  I don't reach out much, but when I do, it's usually to someone like him out there helping.  Making connections (for sales and funding apparently) are not why all of us are here.

No, there shouldn't be a VIP area. Sheesh.  Think of why Josh even built this thing.  I wouldn't join a VIP area if you paid me, much less do I even bother being a 'Pro'. Let your stats do the talking if that's your thing.  

Maybe start with the guy in your mirror. Instead of offering yet another JV deal, help someone out. Show you have the knowledge and experience to do something besides sell while you're here.

Steve is exactly right.  I spent countless hours every week on BP, answering questions, explaining concepts.  I fielded phone calls from newbies looking for advice and countless out of market investors looking for detailed information on DFW real estate.  I've been told, more than once, I should be charging for the quality and level of information I was providing.  I didn't, because I felt it was my responsibility to give back to the community.

I finally burned out.  I got tired of people posting questions that have been answered 1000's of times, in the forums, in the blogs, on the pod casts, in FREE materials available for download right here on BP.  About 2-weeks ago was my first sighting on BP in over 2-years.  The problems have only gotten worse, but I'm doing what I have always done.

What's changed?  My approach.  I no longer spend time even reading questions on the forums, which would have been fully and better answered with a simple search of the site.  I no longer get frustrated by the arrogance displayed by those asking the questions or even by some of those who think, simply because they've done a deal, they are the de facto expert and fail to recognize the difference between an opinion and a fact.  So, I don't respond to posts that show a lack of initiative, because those people won't be successful, regardless of what I tell them.  And, I now make liberal use of the "Mute User" feature.  (Although, I seriously miss the Block button.)

If you're annoyed with the quality of the discussion on BP, then do a better job of private networking or change your interaction habits. In the end, this is simply a social media site, which happens to have a focused specialization around REI.

I don't think I've seen another thread with as much user-on-user bashing.  Kind of a weird mixture of entertaining and sad.  

Some great responses, though, I will have to say. 

@Michaela G. I cannot agree more. The backlash has been kind a weird. Like... nothing I said was against anyone, just trying to find a more streamlined way to move things forward and enrich the community and not take anything away. Us veterans would still be on the same platform and still offer advice where it is needed. I'm just suggesting there must be away to provide a better platform to entice more accredited investors to join and take part of places where people can make deals. That's all.


@Joseph Druther preach on

@Account Closed Good call on the troll comments ... this isn't reddit or youtube ... these guys need to leave their angsty teenage millennial comments somewhere else and be constructive.

Originally posted by @Michaela G. :

I agree with Jay.  Every post I've seen by Jacque is like a hit and run.  Throw 1 troll like sentence, without substance,  and sit back to see how others react.

 you mean a fake profile, w/ no pic, no info, no substance what so ever followed by a fake name is troll... gasp lol

This post has been removed.

Why not just exclude certain sections (like just starting out) from the new posts that pop up on the front page and let them be contained to their specific section? I'm sure behind the scenes some kind data would show the areas w/ the most new posts/lowest response.... then edit it out to make new posts more meaningful for the overall site.

Originally posted by @Blake Palmer :

Nobody is being "catty" and nobody is unworthy of hanging out with big investors, including you. If they feel like being around newbies or smaller investors is a waste of their time, they are free to spend their time doing something else, but new investors should not be discouraged from trying to surround themselves with more experienced people.

Yes, plenty of people are being catty, including you, when you say that it's rude to want to be able to have more discussions that are focused among higher experience levels. 

Nobody is taking anything away from you. I get really sick of all of these people (go ahead and call me a b*tch) asking me to be colleagues, but aren't writing anything to me (it's not FB, where those that have the most friends can feel super good about themselves).....or the ones that ask me, if I want to be on their wholesaler list (when I clearly state in my profile to not contact me, if you're trying to add me to your list) or the ones that clearly haven't read my posts and ask my about other neighborhoods in Atlanta, when I always explain in my posts that I only work in one neighborhood.....or the ones that ask me about certain niches that I don't work in and have never made even one post pertaining to that real estate area.....or the newbies that have never made a deal, who constantly answer questions, because they read about it, but have never been in the trenches .Many newbies don't pay attention and that gets really old. 

Nobody is required to give back. It's voluntary. And people can pick and choose what they want to give on. Everyone has worked hard for their knowledge and experience and so many think that they're owed this information without struggle and that it's the more experienced investor's responsibility to give answers. Guess what? It's not! Anyone that answers questions does it on their time and they write as much or as little as they want to. 

It's like the stay-at-home mother that wants to have some adult conversation and is then being blamed for not liking her children. It doesn't have to be one or the other. 

@Michaela G.

I didn't say it's rude to want to be able to have more discussions that are focused among higher experience levels. I said the thread title was rude, and it is. It's also rude to put words in people's mouth, but I don't care. I only responded to you because I thought you were out of line for calling people catty who posted before me.  I now regret that decision.

I started posting here on BP almost 10 years ago.  The site has changed in so many ways and yet, as far as substance goes, it has stayed primarily right on mission.  Thousands of posters have come and gone in that time.  The people who post the most have turned over multiple times.  Some posters are prolific in how many times they post and others are prolific in the depth of what they post.  Not necessarily as frequent, but deeper.

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by where are the "real investors"?  Perhaps that is a bit off-putting for some, but the answer is everywhere.  There are thousands of posters here on the site who have done a handful of deals to hundreds of deals.  So many people give their time answering questions and making connections and a lot use the site differently.   Some are in the forums and some are in the messaging systems and others are all over the market place.  Still, some are primarily in the BP blog and are posting on articles there daily.

But, I still see some great investors on here and really good responses.

Patience, persistence and authenticity are the magic ingredients to building great relationships, and even a great reputation if that is what you are after, here on BP.  I still see some great responses on here from experienced investors and plenty of posters who are willing to give advice and share their experiences.  Those investors are spending their time building their reputations, being thoughtful with their responses and basically just being authentically who they are.  I think they absolutely standout here on the site.  Over time, those investors will be replaced by a new group of posters who will surpass them.  

It may feel like there are more new investors today because the site has grown so much in popularity, but my view from being here for so long is the that site is the same as it's always been from a user standpoint.  There is a mix of new and experienced and plenty of users willing to share.  The names have just changed.  My .02...

I was thinking that too, Jay. I smacked another guy down on here not too long ago for being a cranky-*** negative nelly. Almost makes me wonder if the same guy has two BP profiles. IMO, if you don't have anything useful to contribute to the conversation, then it's best to STFU.

Originally posted by @Jay Hinrichs :

 Troll much Jacque  ???   uncalled for  and not appreciated I am sure by most.. for a free website to then pick on the founder like this is BS

@Mindy Jensen   we may need the Jacque button. LOL.

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