Dropping out of High School.

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Every single person at some point wanted to leave high school; that's how we operate.  It's a mistake that will follow you around for a long time and even if your successful and own your own thing one day, there's always a stigma in today's world for that sort of thing, for better or worse.  Take your time, learn what you can and start to apply it while you're trudging along in school to be better prepped when you're out.  A lot of people have the same idea as you and I haven't seen too many of their success stories in the comments, so you need to realize that it's an uphill battle.  

So I feel your pain. I did well in school but always HATED EVERY MINUTE of it. So take it from someone who also thought it was a waste of time. DO NOT DROP OUT! You will put yourself at a great disadvantage if you do so. You will limit your job prospects as well as back up plans if you find out that you do not like/aren't cut out to be a landlord. Many people fall in love with the idea of owning real estate but actually managing rentals is very different than how the shows and many investors make it out to be. Not to mention it will be way easier to buy rental properties if you have a W2 job. Also most people won't do a contract with anyone under the age of 18 as they are not executable. The best thing you could do is finish school, get yourself a w2 job, work on your credit, and buy a 4 unit on a residential mortgage and live in one of the unit. You only need 3.5% down for an FHA loan, and can take it out to 30 years making the property cashflow like crazy. Then after you live in it for a year, purchase a new one and do the same thing. This will also let you get experience as a landlord and you will find out pretty quickly without a ton of risk if this is really the avenue for you. Feel free to shoot me a message if you ever have any questions.

@John Moorhouse

I’m a little confused from your comment. 1 you said you want to start a real estate business. 2 you want to be a fire fighter. Both have different paths and if you really wanted to you could do both to a certain extent. If you want to BURRR home you should focus on how you could start, what you need to get started and set goals to achieve. Same goes for fire fighting. As for high school, you should definitely continue going and graduate with your class. On your spare time work on your real estate goals. This will help set you up, so when you do Graduate you have more options and time to amplify what you’ve already been doing. The choice is yours and it will never be clear but you need to choose one and keep moving forward.

@John Moorhouse stay in school, get a job with a local contractor after school and during the summers, save all your money and study for your real estate license. Once you graduate, you will have a diploma, experience, knowledge and money saved to start your investing career. Also, find a local REI meetup and start attending meetings..... you will find many willing to help if you are willing to work. Good luck

"I sit in school for 6-7 hours a day miserable, tired and annoyed."
I sit in my office for 10-12 hours a day, often doing things I don't want to do.

Bottom line, stay in school.  Get a diploma.  After that, it's up to you.  I get where you're coming from--I absolutely hated school and dropped out of college to pursue entrepreneurship, but not finishing high school would have definitely been a mistake.

@John Moorhouse challenge yourself to do both. Most investors work a day job that take up 40+ hours of their week. In your situation that is very comparable. Start with that and see how it goes. After you begin executing your plans and seeing results you will be able to determine your path with more of a calculated risk.


Na bro stay in school. The Real Estate market goes up and down but a diploma and a degree will always hold it's value. I started REI my senior year in High School and still went to college. I'd feel like a bum without a HS diploma,

@John Moorhouse if the fire department doesn't pan out try the army they should grab you or worst case get your ged good thing about the army they have the VA LOAN opportunity. And that could set you up big time best of luck brother.

@John Moorhouse you do know that the United States biggest asset is student loan debt . Not working debt as in described in a lot of real estate books remember it’s one life make it a good one. Leave a legacy god bless

@John Moorhouse I felt the same way in high school. What I wouldn’t do to go back. Cherish those four years time really speeds up when it’s over!

a popular thing, I'm hearing and seeing in many recruitment databases is families are leveraging online schools to fast-track through HS? Maybe thats a option, dont drop-out figure out a way to finish faster.

Originally posted by @John Moorhouse :

I want to build a real estate investing business. I want to buy and hold, I want to rent I want to do BRRRR's and I feel like High School is holding me back. I also want to get a job working with GC starting out as a laborer and working my way up. I sit in school for 6-7 hours a day miserable, tired and annoyed. I feel like I could be home studying, or in an internship and gaining real world experience. I dont feel like i fit in school because of what I want to do. What do you guys think about this? I am finishing up 10th grade. I have big plans and I want to start executing them. The only issue with this is I want to join the fire department and I dont know if they require a High School diploma or not. Im feeling really torn at the moment. (For reference I am a honor roll student 90.4 GPA)

Do it. School is a waste of time if you are a self starter. But Not everyone is a self-starter. I thought that I was but in my mid-20s during a period Of unemployment I found myself waking up at 12 and staying up till 3 a.m. being unproductive even though I had so many ideas and dreams. I went back to work and here I am 6 years later. Over the course of six years I have almost maximized my W-2 income and put in blood sweat and tears sweat equity into my rentals. I now have the work ethic and I did not have in my twenties that came with experience. 

So the question lies therein do you have the work ethic and how you do you know? How do you spend your free time? Do you make it all productive hours? I now make 98% of my waking time productive hours. I have a day job, I flip houses, and I have an internet gig. It's a lot of maturity and experience to get to where I am. But I don't doubt that a young person can do it. In my high school years and college years I was partying and doing drugs instead of focusing on my future. Luckily I did keep good grades and graduate and now comes the next part of the equation

Having a W-2 income makes this investment property thing a whole lot easier. Without a dependable check coming in the risk increases greatly in this business. Do you have somebody who could finance your first property to jumpstart your hopes and dreams? if not there are ways to still accomplish what you're trying to do at a very young age so you're going to have to make many sacrifices. Instead of having fun and making friends at your age and gaining Life experiences you will be gaining only professional experiences and perhaps not having the life experience to deal with the professional experiences. 

Anyways long story short I think if I would have done the same thing that you're doing now when I was 18 that I would be much further ahead than I am today. if you are brave enough to drop out of high school and focus enough to diligently and obsessively follow this trade do it.

but one should always get their feet wet before jumping into a running River. Find a weekend job working for a general contractor or a temp agency for handyman positions. Try this for at least 6 months to a year. 

Then you'll know if you like it and hopefully you'll have some money saved up to convince someone to go in on a home with you ! 

Originally posted by @Julio Ramon Barcelo jr :

@John Moorhouse if the fire department doesn't pan out try the army they should grab you or worst case get your ged good thing about the army they have the VA LOAN opportunity. And that could set you up big time best of luck brother.

I like the VA loan mentioning. Zero percent down. What's their required DP on investment ?

@John Moorhouse wow!! Not to many people in high school think like you do👍👍 I would say finish high school only because the FD does require a HS diploma or you can always get your GED. Im sure you will agree but not to many people will, but High school wont teach you anything except math. Chase your dreams and goals young fella👍👍

First of all, I am a veteran high school teacher and mom to five kids who have already graduated. I feel that the reason students like you feel the way that they do because so often, they are folded into a one-size-fits-all situation and expected to love it. 

The first thing I would suggest to you is that you accelerate. Come up with a solid, WRITTEN plan, then approach your parents and principal. The school that I formerly worked in did not allow students to accelerate, but one of our bright young tenth-graders devised such a plan and won everyone over, allowing him to graduate 1.5 years early. Moreover, he took dual-credit courses which earned him credit for college at the same time, enabling him to enter college as a sophomore. 

Another possibility is to attend the alternative school, if there is one in your area. Sometimes, these schools are geared towards students who are in trouble but I've known of some who used it to do independent study and get out sooner.

If these are not possible, use this time to network. Is there a work-study program at your school? If not, use your ambition to start one. Instead of taking a traditional class, maybe you could leave early and shadow at a real estate agency or something. If that's not possible, just shadow after school and begin learning about what you eventually want to do.

I would not advise dropping out. Even if they are mistaken, people will form all sorts of negative judgment calls about you. Part of being a successful *anything* is having the grit to push through things we don't particularly care for.

Feel free to add me as a connection. I have tons more motivation, ideas and encouragement!

@John Moorhouse I am a firefighter and you absolutely have to have your high school diploma or GED before working with a FD. You can't even apply to finish fire school without that, much less EMT or Paramedic school. Most of those are in legit colleges and it's not question that you need a diploma or GED. Don't drop out. It's not worth it.

Dropping out of high school shows a commitment issue when you're dealing with a problem. Folks don't want to partner with someone who will just drop out when things get tough. Stay in school. It's not hard - it's just time consuming. Since you want real estate to be your "main line of work," you may need to graduate high school, anyways.

Here's the issue with your strategy without a high school education it will be extremely difficult to get a lender of any kind to partner up with you, be patient do it after high school it will be worth the wait. 

@John Moorhouse there are a lot of responses, so I don't know if someone already hit this point. Not competing high school can make you look like a quitter. It will likely be much more difficult to get an internship/mentorship with an investor as a high school drop out. Want to skip college, sure, it's not for everyone. I seriously doubt you can get into the fire academy without at least a GED. If you ever want an RE sales license, appraisal license etc, you'll need at least some college which means finishing hs first.

As others mentioned, use this time to educate yourself. See if you have the option for any independent study periods or work study programs too. If you start building a business system now, you might even be able to auto pilot your investing by the time you're able to start. I suggest reading "The E Myth." There's a version co authored by Than Merrill difficult for REI that is really good. If you aren't already, use this time to build your network and relationships. Meetups and REIA meetings are a good option if available. The old saying that your network is your net worth is very true in real estate investing. I recently lost my W2 job and didn't have the income to support my investing anymore. I knew a lender from a local group I co host and he said my numbers were too tight, but he'd take the chance on me since he believed I was good for it. Also had another bank preapprove me for my biggest purchase and rehab yet because I got a reference from two investors who had done a lot of business with them. None of them would have looked at me as a 20 year old hs drop out though.

@Maxwell Fontaine I work for larger GCs and no one is working their way up without college, let alone high school. Also no one is going to give a high school drop out an internship. A lot of labor unions also require a high school diploma. In real estate, you need to see yourself as an item that needs to be marketable. Having no education will not make you look very good, as unfair as that is.

Hey @Kelly McCandless I absolutely agree with you. You have the show value and you appear that you cannot produce you will be passed over. You’re first representation of who you are is on paper 9 out of 10 times. High school diploma or GED is the bare bones minimum for life today. 

@John Moorhouse

Man from someone who had 21 credits to make up and graduated 3 years after my original class DO NOT drop out of high school. You have the right mindset but your halfway their. If you finish hs you’ll always have something to fall back on McDonald’s won’t even hire you without a diploma. I couldn’t even wash dishes without a ged or diploma. You will make a hard situation even harder. But no one knows you and what your capable other then you so if you decide to go that path good luck from the bottom of my heart! Don’t stop grinding.

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