1960's brick construction - multi-family building - exterior paint scheme

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BP'ers we are working on syndicating a 74 unit apartment complex in Cincinnati.  It's your typical 50's-60's brick utilitarian type construction.  We are trying to spruce it up (cost effectively) and need some help with color selection.  We've tried a ton of color options however nothing seems to work well with the pinkish brick.  I've attached one of the existing buildings and our most recent rendering.  I would like to keep the paint scheme to two colors...thoughts?  The stone wainscoting can also be tweaked as well.  Thanks!

@Chris Winterhalter

We had similar issues with a brick building and ended up using a faux stone cladding not unlike what you have depicted, but in a mixture of grey-tan with green in it.  Our brick was a little darker - more to red than pink - and we were initially concerned it would be too dark.  We also painted the roof rim/facia and balconies to match (no shutters on this building).

Another building in the area is going through this now and they appear to be going with a cement board or masonite cladding (I haven't gotten that close) in a brown/green earth tone.

@Roy N.

I would love to see a picture of your building if possible.  I've had several people recommend green/earth tones that I thought would look good however they haven't really seemed to pop.  The pinkish brick definitely makes it more difficult.  Thanks!

@Chris Winterhalter

Nothing like a brick building... I've worked on too many buildings with vinyl siding.

Just a thought - 

What about landscaping with some larger, decorative, colorful, Trees?  (Paying more for larger Trees versus saplings needing years to grow).  Maybe some Pine Trees blended in for color in the off season.

Also, decorative light poles, maybe a few decorative boulders, to add to the landscape.

Looks like you have some large yard areas... Nothing like a park like setting:-)

Sorry I didn't have any suggestions for your buildings that look to be in very good condition, guess I'm suggesting a little out-of-the-box here.


- Joe

@Chris Winterhalter

I went looking for an "after" picture only to discover I did not take any ... and we are still using before pictures in our advertisements {not sure how that slipped by}.   I'll take a trip on the weekend and see if I can get a descent picture with the shrubs in full leaf {when we first did this, my partner argued against it on the bases the shrubs would eventually hide it ... I probably should have listened more closely}.

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