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I am looking to convert a single family home into a legal duplex. Does anyone know the process to get this approved in Philadelphia? Has anyone done this before and can provide me with some advice? I assume being in a large city there is some red tape around this type of a project. Please advises, Thanks!

@Richard Jahnle @Yuriy Skripnichenko Thanks for looping me in on these threads. As far as construction is concerned should I complete the conversion prior to submitting for the legal permitting? I want to have everything that is legally required completed prior to getting a tenant to occupy the space. I assume the construction will take around 6 months to complete (it is basically a full reno). Yuriy- I saw in your post that you submitted drawings at your hearing, is that all that is needed or does there need to be a physical inspection of the property as well?

@Rachel Krull

I didn't have a physical inspection of the property, however you need much more than just a drawing to go through the process. Since this question keeps coming up on BP, today I will create step-by-step list how I did it with the dates and expenses and will give you the link to the post.   

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here is the link:

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