What is your “Why” for Real Estate investing ?

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Originally posted by @Alex Jones :

@Shaketa Dockery

I’m sorry for your loss and that may be tough. I hope and pray you will do well in Real Estate investing. You have a strong purpose to starting this endeavor!


 Thank you its a challenge for sure being a single parent to a 5 year old, but i'm manifesting and setting the intention now.

I simply did not know any better..  !!!  but for me its all the people I interact with on a daily basis ,    not tenants don't care for those at the street level.

But I like working with other business owners and helping them scale their business's. I like working with closing companies be them attorneys or title escrow company's.  I like working with my commercial bank ( same banker for 25 years now).. Handling sub contractors can be a little bit of a downer LOL.. but you get the drift.

One of my partners for a decade ( he was president of a fortune 500 company) and one of my mentors.

He would say my job Jay is to make you a millionaire and .. so that's my job today to make those I deal with and help scale millionaires..  you can offer this but I can tell many wont do it..   However many have and then after about 3 to 5 years they are on their own.. 

the long term multi decades relationships we create being in business.. 

Family is the easy answer.. and I guess in my child rearing years I wanted enough to support them well and put both my kids through collage on my dime.. so they were not saddled with student loans.. I did that. 

As I found new construction 6 to 7 years ago after funding it for decades.  I really enjoy the regentrification projects that we do ..  specifically Charleston SC  and some of the stuff I am building in INdy  and of course our core market in Portlandia.. then selling those homes to home owners that really appreciate what you have built.. 

@Vanesa Gonzalez

This is a great and teaching story right there. Thank you for sharing your story. That is such as an inspiration for all of us. I’m working toward that similar experience! You know, you aim for the right balance while the incomes sufficient to allows you to do things for your family. Great reason for pushing yourself!


@Jay Hinrichs

WoW, I was reading your profile story and I see that RE has ur cycles up and down plus bankers recall on loans etched. What wisdom could you advice us? Especially with recession you had experience. I feel your passion for working directly with people and helping others!

Thanks for sharing your story

For my own financial freedom and to help others build wealth by investing passively in mulitfamily. I also want to create dynamic dynamic lifestyle communities for entrepreneurs that gives them the tools they need to scale their business with other like minded people. 

To build generational wealth! Knowing the fact that REI can help family and friends is just an additional benefit. It's also one thing that you can research/study everyday and still learn new things. My end goal just like everyone else on here is to obtain financial freedom.

Originally posted by @Mindy Jensen :
Originally posted by @Jerryll Noorden:

Keeping a promise

Not many people can do what I can do. If those that can won't,... who will?

I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! Jerryll is the dude behind the exoskeleton. Not just a pretty face... 

Thank you Mindy!!!

Pretty face with a BP T-shirt! YEAH!!!!

Only thing missing is Mindy-food all over that face! 


Originally posted by @Vanesa Gonzalez :

@Alex Jones I started investing in RE because it was the perfect "side job" for a full time mom with family all over the globe. At the beginning I was making enough to pay for tickets to visit the family but after 2/3 years I realized I was making more money than all my friends working full time. Thanks to my RE Investing my husband doesnt have to work if he doesnt want to. We are financial free now and using our income to travel as much as possible. For example we are moving to France this August, to spend a year there, learn about wines and improve our french. A luxury that we are able to do thanks to our rentals!


just AWESOME!!!

Be sure to stop along the gas stations during road trips along the country side and buy bread and cheese...

You WILL thank me!

@Alex Jones

Currently going through a divorce with a 14 and 3 yr old. Both girls. After having tried everything, taking all sorts of jobs to try and make it, with no success. Real Estate has become my only answer. God blessed me to have 2 beautiful girls, who didn't ask to be here. Though this Divorce is official, my focus is to make sure that my struggle and pain isn't transfered to them, but that my legacy is set in place for them. Just starting so my eyes are wide open for a good real estate opportunity. But in the end, creating residual income that will continually grow over time. I just want to create a security they can depend on. So when I'm gone I'll know, I've done my job and they'll be ok.

@Alex Jones

For now its to get out of my day job asap. I dont want to be living in the rat race at 45 years old. I want to be young and do alot of things with my wife and not worry about my job or have to work all year long to have a week off. Forget that. I want explore more and have time freedom and financial freedom. Then after all that phase ia accomplished. Ill be looking to establiah something powerf for my children's children and their children's children.

My parents are immigrants and I want to live up to the idea of the American Dream. My parents hustled and built a business that unfortunately went under. Started from scratch again. They eventually got us back into a home of our own. When my father passed, he passed the torch onto me to not only care for my mom and make sure she never is forced into a situation where she loses everything. But to continue forward and build upon what advantages I have going for me, that I have only because of them. Then one day I hope my kids will have that same fervor to take I've built and go bigger! 

TLDR: Generational Wealth. American Dream. 

@Selvin Cummings

Thanks for sharing deeply nature personal story and I wishes you all best through this transition. It always touch me when a father continue to be actively involve with their kids and I hope your real estate journey continue to support that!


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