Need Help Finding a Real Estate CPA

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Hi all,

Can anybody recommend a real estate CPA in California. I am looking to grow my business and purchase more properties, so I need someone that can help me with my taxes.

Thanks in advance!


@israel R., I don't feel like you need to use someone local. In today's age, most of the CPAs use Skype or other web meeting software for clients meeting.

Good starting point to look for local CPAs are yelp, google, local chamber of commerce and state accounting society.

Key here to look for professional with real estate side of tax planning and preparation experience.

Let me know if you have any questions.

@Israel R. Were you able to find a CPA?

If you have not yet - try doing the following

1) create a keyword alert for "California" and "livermore". You may notice that a lot of the same posters chiming in topics with those keywords. Network with them and see who they use for a CPA

2) Attend real estate meetups/networking events. Network with some colleagues there and see who they are using.

If you are still having difficulty finding someone local - you may want to look for an accountant remotely. There are many CPA's here on BP who work remotely.

Hi Israel,

Some things you may want to look for when asking around for CPAs is whether they are familiar with depreciation, estimated taxes, treatment of closing costs, timing of property tax payments, etc.  Hopefully that helps some.

Have great referral for you knows real estate well. You are welcome to pm me.

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