REI CPA Recommendation in Upstate SC?

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Hi guys, does anyone have a recommendation for a CPA specifically knowledgeable about REI? I'm in Greenville, SC and would love to get in touch someone who could advise on tax strategies, run books, etc for me. Specifically filing using the "real estate dealer" model of tax theory. Thanks in advance!

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@Connor Lichtenfelt

Are you open to working with an accountant remotely?

I would prioritize finding an accountant who specializes in real estate taxation over one that is local.

There are 20+ accountants on this message board who specialize in real estate taxation. Feel free to reach out to a couple and use the one you connect with the most

Like Basit said there are some great specialized tax pros here on BP. 

I'm a state north of you but work with investors all over. I would recommend reading through some posts on here and seeing who you click with and setting up a few different consults.