Lender Scams and Warning Signs: Beware & Protect Yourself!

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As a former Residential and Commercial Loan Officer I suggest going to www.Scotsmanguide.com and go to the lender search page. Choose either residential or commercial. There will be parameters that you can select in regards to the loan size, property type, location(state), etc. There will be a list of lenders displayed on the page and you can research these lenders. Check the BBB(not always reliable) and attorney general's office in that state. I strongly recommend using direct lenders only and stay away from brokers. Only utilize mortgage brokers that you personally know and trust, meaning you know they are reputable; they have actually closed deals in the past. Also be very careful if you are looking for commercial loans. I cannot stress this enough. Residential lenders are bound by lending laws such as RESPA, Truth-In-Lending and others that require the borrower to receive the loan terms in writing including an estimate of all fees charged. There are no requirements like these in commercial lending so loan terms and fees will vary in commercial. Lastly, never, ever give upfront money for a loan application unless you don't mind kissing that money goodbye. Also when applying for a loan, it's recommended that you apply with 3 different lenders and then you will be able to select the lender with the best terms. 

I remember years ago probably 9 years. I was introduced to a so call angel investor from a forum. Long story short he wanted up front fees. He sent me a statement along with his company logo address and etc.. Company did not exist, address was in rural area.. pure scam.. 

Also maybe 4 years ago I came across this private seller on Craigslist and he introduced me to a private lender and that lender had fake credentials as well.. wanted a deposit for lawyer fees, appraisal etc.. and wired to a personal account.. so sketchy.. I think the private seller was in on it too.. 

The worst is those text messages saying your paypal account needs updating and you log in to a fake interface with a scamsters finding out your log in details.. My friend almost got scammed but caught the scammer in the act..

I could go thru all of these posts, but won't.  

A loan is pretty much simple. 

Funding is more definitive. 

If a lender can't fund your request. Walk. 

Whoever the money is going to go to, are probably more diligent than you are, today. 

After a email or two, before you give out too much info...Call them. You'd be surprised how many Lenders (according to their facebook page) are born & raised in American States but have thick South African, South American & foreign accents!!

Thanks @Joshua Dorkin for this post, even though it's six years old. Lenders scams never grow old. It is prevalent six years ago and it is now. It's out there and I am experiencing it myself.

As our late president, Ronald Reagan said, "trust but verify". It's easy to trust someone but one needs to verify and ask, "show me the books, the portfolio and references" when someone simply verbally blurted out in his podcast that he did 300 deals in the past. I fail to do this. I simply trusted him, just because, he is a smooth "talker" and used to be a well known person in the BP community, but now as far as being a real estate investor is concern, he is out of the picture, according to a hard money lender. 

I have had fraudulent lenders and scammers promise me in writing to lend me $20,000. They had said there were no fees. Then there was a fee. I never gave them any money. People lie. Steal. Cheat. Frickin mamamalia. Lol


Sorry, it was $20,000,000.00


Looking for BP member suggestions for lenders that can use income reported on Canadian Tax Returns to qualify for a HELOC on a US Property.

I have found all the lenders to be scams. It seems that it is quite impossible for me to get a large loan. They All want my money. They are the lenders, they should provide the money. But NO it’s my fault! Lol


had a lady want to sell me a house on a quit claim deed! For dirt cheap on a house flip! But if I asked for a warranty deed the house price sky rocketed! My spider sense set bells off! Lol

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I have found absolutely no lenders who are legitimate who will fund me. There’s no recourse against these fraudulent lenders I guess since no law enforcement agency will investigate them and they fly under the radar as they steal money, cause companies to lose clients, accounts, and believability. Thanks for your post.


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