New BP YouTube Show Looking for Denver Guests to Walk Properties

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@Terrance Doyle and I are excited to launch a new BP show on YouTube called "The Real Estate Ride Along Show." It's a simple concept where we invite a guest and the audience to "ride along" with us to walk properties and ask questions to learn.

We're looking for BP members to come join us!

Here's the show outline:

Property Type: Usually a small multifamily (4 - 20 units) with a value-add play to increase rents and the value. We walk properties that are just purchased, currently being rehabbed, or finished and are turnkey. It really depends on what projects are going on.

Property Overview: 

  • Location and why we like it
  • Deal source
  • Financing to take it down and rehab
  • The gameplan for rehab, timeline, and exit strategy.

Interior Walk: We'll walk one or a few units to discuss rehab plans and our 10 point checklist.

Exterior Wak: We'll walk the exterior to discuss rehab plans using our checklist.

Finances: We'll discuss the finances from two different perspectives:

  1. Buying it, carrying costs, renovation costs, new rents, and the projected new value.
  2. The final numbers as a turnkey product to sell to an investor.

The new show with BP will launch in January or February of 2020. We recorded a few pilot episodes before partnering with BP on the new show. Here are two trailers from the pilot shows: 

Trailer #4 on YouTube

Trailer #3 on YouTube

Would You Like to Ride Along with us?

Our plan is to record two episodes a month. Since we're working with BP, we want to invite BP members to join us for a show recording. In addition to walking the properties and learning, you'll get to hang out to network and have some fun!

We are looking for people who are excited to learn about rental investing and rehabbing properties. If you want to join us, please watch the trailers and reply to this thread with answers to these questions:

  • Investing Experience
  • What you want to learn
  • Roadblocks (if any) that you're currently running into
  • A few sentences about you

Please feel free to add any additional info and let us know what questions you have. 


This sounds like an excellent offer from the team at BP and I would LOVE to participate as Denver is probably one of the best markets to learn in considering the competitive nature.  Below are my answers to the four questions as well as a bit more about myself.  Look forward to hearing from you and watching the videos.

--> Investing Experience:  I have really only started considering being an investor for about 18 months now.  Since then, my partners in Texas along with my wife and I now have around 12 doors under our ownership, 2 more that we are completing a fix on and two more new builds with the plans to have 25 doors by years end. My wife and I are also beginning our first two STRs in winter park CO which has us pretty nervous and excited.

-->. What you want to learn:  this one is easy...I want to expand my knowledge to be quicker at identifying properties, learn to see what others may not, and how to look towards alternative financing options.  I want to understand how to best identify the "diamond in the rough" and how to do the right research to see where up and coming areas are and how to take the risk to enter them.

-->. Roadblocks :  here I would say is my fear still.  fear of putting my family in debt that I can't escape.  fear of dropping tons of money and making the mistakes.  I know that is how we learn and I teach this to my kids all the time, but I just need that one last push to move forward.

-->. About Me:

I am a PhD organic chemist and an MBA however I don't really consider myself "successful" b/c I spend all day working for "the man" and after reading up so much on real estate investing on this site etc, I realize how much I would love to make this my life. I am particularly interested in multifamily as the ROI is so much greater on multi than SF. I am also now interested in syndication as I have put money into two separate syndications recently with the goal to ask as many questions as possible and learn how to use brokers to find deals to analyze large programs and understand all the commercial loan types available.

Bottom line, I am more motivated than ever to learn.

bo vanecko

Very Interested!

Investing Experience: Syndication funds and Partnerships.
Roadblocks (if any) that you're currently running into: Learning about roadblocks. My biggest current one is finding a good deal in an oil field town where i live and work and where there is a large housing shortage. 
A few sentences about you: I am looking to get into my first 100% owned deal. I would ideally like to get a 4plex and house hack my way to adding more and more units to my portfolio.  

I'd love to put my name in the hat for this as well! 

I'm a traditional buy and hold investor trying to move my family business into a BRRRR/flip strategy and struggle with items such as quickly identifying ARV, utilizing my own cash vs. Private money, estimating rehab costs to quickly evaluate a deal and determining the "don't know, what I don't know" in value add investing.

I've owned homes downtown, Highlands and Sloans Lake, so I know Denver, but looking to apply my knowledge to out of state markets as well.

Hey @Chris Lopez !

You know my story...I would love to be considered to Ride Along. Our investment property bios are here on my BP profile. I think the interesting element I could bring to a segment is my focus on community within my investments. I have a pretty unique approach. Stay tuned for my first BP blog post very soon on the subject. I'd be looking to learn other peoples unique perspectives and techniques to maximize returns and community. My current roadblock is exposure capacity to spread the message - so this could be mutually beneficial for sure. And not only for us, but also the social capital that could come for investors and renters alike. 

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