Care to Share Your Residential Lease?...

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Originally posted by @Brandon Sturgill :

I am looking for a good plain language but sufficient residential lease for a SFR...if you would be willing to share, it would be much appreciated. Feel free to shoot me a colleague request or PM.


 The first place I'd look is if the local bar association, association of realtors, etc. has a standard/form lease.  I'm using a blumberg lease in New York (fairly common) and a standard lease my property management firms uses in North Carolina which, as far as I know, is based off a template provided by the NC Bar Association.

Check out your local rental association. Many have great lease and rental agreements available that have been created and or reviewed by an attorney. Networking with your local REIA may also lead you to a good resource applicable your jurisdiction.

Our "Property Rules" is an addendum to our core rental agreement. I uploaded it to the BP File Place to share with other members of BP. Look for it under Resources-File Place-Other Documents and feel free to modify it for your own use.