Outsourcing Assistant Property Management

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Hi REI world

My husband has over 10 years experience as a property manager and has decided to open a remote property management service. Services would include:

Ledger Audit

Work Order follow up

Delinquency reports

Month to Month Charges

Lease expiration follow up

System Alerts

Deposit accounting

Account Receivables and so much more!

Do you all feel there will be a demand or need for something of this nature? 

There is a demand but you have to find the audience. Most Property Managers don't understand how to use a remote service and/or are reluctant to give it a try. If I ever lose one of my current managers, I would consider replacing them with a virtual assistant (or two).

If you ever find yourself in a need feel free to contact him. He is awesome at this


I would tell him to look at joining the NARPM group, I think that he would find that this is a great way to break into this PM group. If he is serous about doing this full time on a professional level,, he should make sure that he is licensed and insured, and can handle the workload

Thank you. I do believe he has all of the necessities but I sent him this message just be sure. I have never heard of that group so that’s great

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