Water under laminate floors!!!

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so long story short, I had an A/C leak... got the leak fixed but the water that cane out got under the floors.. the tenant put in the request to my PM and my PM’s flooring contractor estimated a total of $1900... I feel like that’s ridiculous... I mean idk know because I’m still young in the game but what do y’all think? I know it depends on the square footage that got affected but I think he said it’s a little over 300sq ft that got hit... but just wanted to get feedback maybe hear some experiences

@Jonathan Perez Have you tried calling other flooring companies to get estimates on it? We recently redid the floors in our 1300sqft property. We used glue down vinyl plank flooring and the cost for the materials and installation in Florida was $3,000, which was a great deal when comparing to other companies fees. At 300sqft that's over $6/sqft. Maybe the laminate you have to match is pricier? It does sound like a lot to me, but if you think that they have to remove the old floors, buy the materials, and install the new floor, maybe it's on point. I would call around for sure before committing to that though.

Depending on the quality of the property, location, and tenant history I would consider upgrading to ceramic tile. That quote seems reasonable but for a little more you could upgrade to more durable flooring that's water resistant and easy to repair. 

Laminate floors look great, go down fast and are relatively cheap.  The problem is...exactly what is happening right now to you Jonathan, they dont hold up to water.  We use as @Elenis C. said, a full glue down vinyl.  Stuff is really tough and holds up to most everything.  There is also now snap/click vinyl planking as well, a little more expensive but faster to lay without the glue mess.

Not sure on the pricing without seeing what needs to be done and you certainly dont want to replace the mess you have now with a future mess. ( same material )  As @Jaron Walling ceramic is another great option but going to cost you quite a bit more upfront.  

The biggest thing to remember is, you can buy the best flooring out there but if its installed wrong, it wont matter.  Make sure you are using a quality installer vs a local pm's handyman for less. 

We pay $1.50 for install of laminate floors in NW FL and New Mexico.  You can buy great looking laminate at $1-2sqft at Lowes, plus underlayment (definitely install underlayment/vapor barrier, it helps with the water problem and also helps the floor absorb minor leveling imperfections).   Any transitions will be about $50 each (carpet to laminate, laminate to tile, etc).  Unless this job includes a ton of transitions, needs massive floor leveling, or has a million tiny corners he'll have to custom cut, then $1900 is pretty darn high.  There are a million flooring contractors out there who do nothing but floors and sub for GCs. 

Higher quality laminate will increase the cost, but shouldn't increase the install cost.  Have him separate labor and materials to check this.

With flooring, I've had a lot of success going straight to flooring boxstores and they will hold their subs accountable for reasonable pricing and save you headache.  

Rip it up and put down click vinyl planks. You can put quarter round mouldings on the perimeter of the floor, and a "TEE" moulding at the door to the room. Your price works out to $6 a foot...thats like premium hardwood pricing.

Estimate is high, try shopping around and potentially invest in better flooring like others mentioned on the post.

I prob will have to replace them all añadidos I’ll go with the vynl plank like a lot of you advised...now what do y’all think I should do with the tenant while this work is being done? He’s still living there and of course that work will be all up in his way?! What happens in this situation? What are some ideas?