Alpaca farms

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My attorney actually raises alpacas. He started out maybe two or three years ago and probably has 15 animals. I don't know exact pricing, but I've heard of some champion male alpacas going for over $250,000 (but most from 5k to 40k, depending on the animal, characteristics, demand, etc).

Unfinished alpaca fiber (it's hair you shear off) goes for about $2-$5 per ounce, and once it is finished (cleaning, spinning, etc.) it can easily cost $10 or more per oz.

Alpacas generally don't need much land or fencing requirements and seem to be fairly easy to care for.

Here is a good website about general info:

There is a lot of more in-depth financial info on Google (type in "alpaca" or "alpaca farm").

Hope that helped some!!

I've heard their poop is more valuable than standard farm poop as a fertilizer due to the higher nitrogen levels. I actually looked into what farm animal had the highest yield vs. cost and maintenance and from what I was told - chickens were the best.