Error on original lease

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I went to do a lease renewal on one of my SFR properties and I realized the original lease had an error in the dates. It indicated the lease went from Feb 8, 2019 to Jan 31, 2019 instead of Jan 31, 2020. Neither me nor the tenants caught this error previous to today when I opened the document. I'm assuming I should correct and amend the original lease first and then do a simple renewal form? How do I go about correcting the lease (haven't made this kind of mistake before)?

Thank you!

it is completely legal to make pen and ink changes to an existing contract as long as all parties acknowledge the changes. You could amend the original inclusive dates, write a note with the new inclusive dates covering the extension., and then initial all changes and sign at the end to create a new legal contract.

if you prefer to keep it clean, simply ignore the original contract and type up a completely new contract with exclusive dates for the new term.

If it’s simply a renewal a simple 1 page document that says on this date, the lease for the property at this address is changed in the following ways....

New expiration date, if applicable new rent...Etc...

This ignores the problem but fixes it. I assume they already paid January’s rent, so there’s not really any “problem” to be fixed that isn’t fixed this easily.