Sacramento Meetup! Tues, 5/27 @ 5:30PM

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It's time for a RE Networking/Meetup Event in Sacramento!

RE Networking & Discussion Event - No sales. No pitches. Just a great time networking and discussing real estate with other investors. This will include introductions, some group discussion, and opportunities to mix and mingle with those you would like to talk to more in-depth. It’s my pleasure to organize the event with the help of Sacramento Leading Landlord Al Williamson. Limited to 40 attendees.

Tuesday, 5/27/14
5:30PM to 9PM (ish)

River City Brewing Company; Banquet Room (Private, Reserved)Sacramento Downtown Plaza (formerly Westfield)
547 L St, Sacramento, 95814

$10/person (+small processing fee), for reserved banquet room & light appetizers. A ticket IS required, so that we can provide a private space for everyone to talk without being too noisy or crowded, along with some food. Please buy a ticket by Wed, 5/21, so we have sufficient time to order food. Al Williamson has graciously set up an Eventbright ticketing page located here:

About myself:

I'm an active RE investor in the East Bay of the SF Bay Area who buys, rehabs, owns, and manages SFH and apartment units. I’m scheduled to close on another 4plex (in Oakland) before the meetup date. I also hold monthly meetups in the East Bay, and am organizing a big RE Networking Summit in the Bay Area in October of this year (200-300 RE investors), with lots of targeted networking opportunities, personal introductions, and some great speakers.

Please sign up at the link below on my meetup group to receive more information about the venue, dates, and speakers for the Summit, as I release them. There’s lots of excitement on BP, and is stacking up to be a great event!

Interest from BP members:

J Martin

@Al Williamson ,

Thanks for helping organize the event, and reaching out to local folks! I've had great meetups all over CA, from a brewery in SF with Josh D. and Brandon from BP, to lake-side restaurant in Oakland, hotels in Stockton & Santa Rosa, and a picturesque restaurant in Malibu last weekend.. Looking forward to meeting and networking with more great BP folks and real estate investors!

I'm going to tag a few local cities to let anyone know who may be interested:

Sacramento, Yuba City, Woodland, Davis, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Arden, Clarksburg, Davis, Rocklin, Roseville, Folsom, Fair Oaks, Gold River, Rosemont, Vineyard, Vacaville, El Dorado Hills, Auburn.

I'm looking forward to this!

I got a lot out of the last one that @Al Williamson hosted, so i'm definitely going to try and make this one.

Looks like fun and the time, date & place work really well.

See you there

@Jason Flynn and @Dennis Lanni

We have you down for the meetup on my other posting, and looking forward to getting a good size group going!

Hello J. I would love to attend the meeting. Looking forward to seeing you there. Craig Gillie

@Craig Gillie ,

Looking forward to seeing you there! (Be sure to click the link for a ticket if you haven't yet. @Dennis Lanni ,@Jason Flynn and Craig,

Would you like to introduce yourselves on here so everyone can start to get to know each other..? How about you too @Al Williamson , when you get a chance.. And it looks like @Chris Vail and his wife too..

My basics are above.. Experience? Geographic area? Type of investing? If you're looking for anything..

I've always had a great time and learned a lot at meetups, have been wanting to meet Al Williamson, and looking forward to meeting everyone else too!

As a cross-reference, Al Williamson has another post for the same meetup here:

@Daniel Moore and @Shahriar Monfa ,

Thanks for getting back to my PMs, and glad you both can make it! Please go ahead and introduce yourself here on the forum so everyone can start getting to know each other (and snag a ticket if you haven't yet)

@Amy Dykstra , sorry Tuesdays don’t work for you, but @Al Williamson should be able to keep you up to date on future meetups. Be sure to email me if you're ever in the Bay, and join my meetup group for an announcement about my big RE investor summit in San Francisco later this year!

@Jessica Sorensen , likewise, I'm sorry you can't make it, but keep in touch with @Al Williamson , who is the mastermind in Sacramento! I'm joining forces with him while I'm traveling up to Sacramento next Tuesday from the Bay..

Thanks for the invite! I'm a new RE investor and looking forward to meeting everybody and learning!

I'm booked!

Finally bought a ticket.

I might be late depending on what time I can escape from work, but we'll see. Either way I should be there.

@Oswin Chan , @Sarah B. , and @Jason Flynn ,

Glad you all can make it! Please post an introduction of yourself on here so we can all start getting to know each other before the event.. Looking forward to it!

I'm Jason, and i'm new to RE investing.

I'm mainly looking for buy and holds, and was originally only going to look out of state. I've opened my eyes up to this market more though. My main goal for now is cash flow.

My wife and I are also considering doing a "live-in flip" downtown. I don't know much about the downtown market/neighborhoods though and am doing a bit of research first. I'm also looking into the "old town" parts of Rocklin and Roseville (currently live right on the edge of the old part of Rocklin).

I'm also working on my real estate license. I currently have a full time job, but want to transition to full time real estate (both invest and "sales") in about 2 years.

Looking forward to this meetup! Every time i've attended a meetup or REIA meeting I learn quite a bit and get a little more motivated.

I'm a 'fix and hold' investor in the East Bay. Richmond mostly, and closing on a 4plex in Oakland tomorrow (funded today, recording tomorrow). I generally buy 2-4 units that are beat up REOs w/ vacant units, rehab them, rent them out at top of market, then hold them. Only investing in the East Bay right now. But would be curious to look into out-of-state more in the future.

I currently built up almost $1MM in RE assets, and $100K in gross rents over the last year and a half, with little net worth and cash to start. (Thanks FHA! And cc companies!) I target 10+% cash flow (leveraged w/ 25% down, 30-yr fixed financing), plus principal paydown and appreciation.

When I'm not investing in/managing real estate, I work a full-time job in bank regulation, am organizing a summit for other RE investors in the Bay Area for later this year, and.... I sell toys! I also love travelling (have done lots of US, and a month and a half in Europe last year.), exploring the Bay, interesting/quirky events, performance art, spinning poi, and I'm also trying to get more organized!

Looking forward to meeting all of you there!

We're up to 12 so far! And hoping to get to the full 40 limit by the time we get there!

It will be great to meet everyone there!

I'm an investor and Realtor local to Sacramento and have been involved in flipping houses full time going on 5 years. I'm a licensed real estate agent and also love listing properties and negotiating deals. My goal is to venture into long term holds within a year, still flipping properties until I build a substantial monthly cash flow in rentals. And maybe still flip properties after, because I want to, not because I have to. :)

How do you take payments if you don't trust PayPal?

Joe Gore

I am Saim (pronounced Sime) and I am completely new to real estate investing. I have been researching, reading, listening for the past 6 months now and have rolled up my sleeves and decided to get to work. The more I learn the deeper I fall in love with real estate. I am currently working on obtaining my RE License as well. I am 23, a full time student at Sac State studying Biology to go to medical school one day (something to check off my bucketlist), and I am also a paramedic. I have lived in the Sacramento area my entire life and currently reside in Elk Grove.

My goal is to become a full time investor and work on the side not because I have to, but to satisfy my love for my job/field. I am looking to fix/flip houses and have a portfolio of hands off SFH rentals and maybe 1 or 2 bigger multifamily built over the next few years. This will be my very first biggerpockets meetup and I am very excited. See you all there!

I own a townhouse and a SFH in Roseville. But weeknight is out of the question for me to drive 2 hours from San Jose. Sounds like an awesome event!

@J. Martin Awesome progress you have made so far! Impressed.

@Joe Gore Go Niners beat Dallas!!

Greeting everyone,

I would love to come.

I have been investing since 2011, mainly SFR rentals in Central Valley. Cash flow is my goal. I would love to hear from other investors in the neighborhood (Sac, bay area, tri-valley & central valley) what they are doing and what works and not. This is an exciting market for us I think. I have been to SFREI couple times and another networking event hosted by a mortgage company in South Bay. I look forward to going out more and meeting like-minded investors.

Being down south in Monterey, the distance will be a challenge for me. I may be able to reschedule my new house inspection in Tracy to 5/27, go to Sac for the meetup and stay overnight there. If I can't make it this time, I would love to be informed of any upcoming meetups that I might be able to come. Or even better, come to Monterey! I will pour a glass of wine for everyone!



Is it to late to buy a ticket :-)

@Sarah B. ,

Great to see a fellow (very) active investor coming out.. I'm closing on a 4plex today, and in the process of negotiating a master lease starting next month.. On top of a couple other small businesses.. Maybe you can teach me how to stay organized and on top of it, among other things..

@Joe Gore , not sure if you're coming out from TX, or just asking, but you can send me .022 Bitcoins, and I'll buy you a ticket, if you don't trust Paypal.. PM me for BTC address if you are serious about it..

@Saim Chaudhry , glad you can make it out to your first meetup! Sounds like you're a busy guy, and I love your passion for the medical field (and presumably, helping others :) This should be a great group to get some ideas and inspiration from. So welcome!

@Manch Hon , I would give you a ride up, but I'm leaving in the morning for some business up there - which is why I'm holding one in Sac, instead of my usual Bay Area meetups.. I saw you on my Wed meetup at my new 4plex. If there's any way you can come tomorrow evening instead, it would even out the attendees some more..


@Mark Pedroza , Does that mean you're in as long as the 9'ers win? lol

@Helen Chau , you are more than welcome to come up to Sacramento if you would like - especially if you are interested in the market - to make some contacts. But there are some meetups much closer to home. @Kathleen L. is having one tonight in Marin, I am hosting 2 in the next week AT my new 4plex in E Oakland (see link above), hold monthly meetups, and @Jaren Barnes and @Peter K. will be scheduling some in the South Bay. I think @Troy Fisher also holds them down near Monterey every so often.. So don't fret if you don't want to drive so far!!

@Pierre Belanger , see my paragraph to Helen above, and likewise to you. But it's never too late, and feel free to buy a ticket if you'd like to come!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

OK, I just bought a ticket. I am a homeowner but otherwise new to REI. I am interested in building a wholesaling business covering the Sacramento and greater surrounding areas. I'd like to to flip a few properties as well most likely with the help of a partner(s) in the beginning. I am interested in acquiring cash flowing properties later down the road in my investing career.

Looking forward to meeting everyone at the event.

I've met many of you before, looking forward to seeing you again and meeting more people. Im in mortgages and depending on how this year goes I may be able to skip most of the wholesaling process and move right into buying

If you organize a Sacramento event during a weekend, I'll drive up.

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