New Construction San Jose Meetup! Saturday 3/7/15

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  • 03/07/15 06:00AM
  • San Jose, CA
  • Free

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Hi Everyone!

This month we have a real treat for a meet up. My friend and fellow BP'er, @Nhi Nguyen   has invited us to have a meet up at his new construction build in San Jose! I viewed it a few months ago when it was just a frame. By Saturday, the sheet rock, first coat of stucco and maybe tile work will be finished for the bathrooms. In addition, Nhi has installed some amazing custom windows and doors from what I've heard and I am excited to see his work so far to date!

Nhi has been a contractor for more than a decade helping his clients renovate their homes to realize their full potential. In addition, Nhi is also an real estate investor and he will be on-site welcoming any questions you may have about the new construction process. Nhi is one of the nicest people I have ever met and please thank him for this opportunity while you're on-site! I'm sure it will be a fun time learning about his trade and the build itself.

I will have some bottled water for everyone for this meetup. If there is enough interest, we can continue the meetup with an early dinner somewhere in the San Jose area.

Check out Nhi's construction diary on Biggerpockets where he has pictures of the demolition, framing, and final plans on what the house will look like.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Event starts at 2pm!

Please see the link for the address.


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Why are you messing with us? First you said 6am, then it's 2pm. You say we meet in San Jose without an address. San Jose is pretty big bud. I believe it's in the Hidden Glen subdivision near Beshoff Motorcar, but I could be wrong. Give us an address bud. 

If you're going to be down here early, let's grab some lunch before we head there. J. M. and everyone else are welcome to join us. 

Minh, I don't know what happened to the post! I thought I had put all the details in, at least my event is correct!

Details: Saturday, March 7, 2pm-5pm

Location: 2685 Glen Elk Ct, San Jose, CA

Lunch sounds fine. Noon somewhere close to the house?

@Johnson H.  , thanks for organizing.  I saw @Nhi Nguyen  few weeks ago, can't wait to see it again with the BIG windows.  

@Minh Le  , love to join you guys for lunch.

Sounds good David, sounds like it will be the three of us for lunch for now. I havent heard from @J. Martin yet! With the meetup group, we have 14 so far attending this meetup, I'm looking forward to it!

Hi Folks,

I am looking forward to meeting all of you at the event. I got the link to this meet up from @Minh Le and it sounds excellent. See you all this Saturday.

@Johnson H.  and @David C.  , welcome aboard. You're more than welcome to join us for lunch before the meet-up. David is a local investor and flipper. Johnson owns a handful of properties in Phoenix, AZ. He now wants to invest in San Francisco. Talk about being loco :0). He works for the Federal Reserves. I have been unemployed for 5.5 years. Thanks to my wife. Looking forward to meeting you. 

Originally posted by @BeBe Cheng :

@Johnson H.  @Minh Le @David C.  wants to come?

WOW, I love the ladies in our group. First it was Susan, then Kathryn, now Bebe. Talking and giving without expecting anything in return. Thank you very much for your offer Bebe.

J will respond soon I can guarantee that. He doesn't turn down a Korean meal, free or not. 

See everyone this Saturday. 

@Minh Le  lunch sounds great. Korean food works for me as well. I will see you guys at noon. As for me currently employed in HR with 1 rental in Oregon. Looking to purchase more out of state, would love to get some feedback and ideas from you guys. See you guys on Saturday. 

Thanks for your generosity @BeBe Cheng ! I just emailed Nhi to see if he would like to join us. Welcome @Deepak Nasta ! I really like the people down in San Jose, which makes my drive down there from San Francisco worth it every time. David and Minh are really smart investors, you'll learn a lot from them!

Nhi said he will make it to lunch. He also said that if BeBe doesn't come, he will treat us to lunch! BP'ers are just too darn nice! I thought real estate investors were ruthless :)

I'm planning to attend.  Look forward to meeting everyone.

I'm planning to attend the meetup, but I'm not sure I can make it to lunch. I'll certainly try though. Looking forward to meeting everyone there. 

Brian Armstrong 

I'm planning to attend the meet up (probably not the lunch, even though I love Korean food, yum!) Most weekends are reserved for family time, but I'll try to sneak out for a bit. I hope I can find a babysitter. @BeBe Cheng  we missed you at the last meet up. J. M. 

Sounds like we have a few people for lunch which is great. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Very excited to meet everyone. 

How many folks going for the lunch? have room for one more? 

Originally posted by @Eric Z. :

How many folks going for the lunch? have room for one more? 

Just show up. The restaurant should be able to accommodate all of us. At this rate, everyone is buying their own lunch. Can't have Bebe paying for all of us. :0)

@Johnson H.  @Minh Le  hey folks. Unfortunately stuck at the house finishing some furniture moving. Won't be able to make much with you guys. Will see you at 2pm for the meetup. My apologies about the lunch. Really bummed I'm going to miss it. 


That was a cool meet-up on Saturday. @Nhi Nguyen  , thank you for hosting us. I love the floor plan. @Deepak Nasta  and @Julie M.  , it was nice meeting you guys. I hope the meet-up gave you some motivation. Nhi is quite brave to take on this project IMO. 

@David C.  and her hubby for treating us to a nice Korean Restaurant. I know I probably forgot to mention some others, but there is always next time. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. It's day light saving so don't forget to adjust your clock and go to work an hour early tomorrow. 

Hi @Minh Le  unfortunately, I couldn't find baby sitter. My M-F nanny doesn't work on Saturdays :( and the other ones are kind of flaky. I hope I can meet you guys next month also I don't mind to be included in future partnership as well :)

@Minh Le  , J. M. Thanks for the lunch thing. It'd be me treating you lunch next time. 

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