Seoul Real Estate Investing MeetUp - Next MeetUp, Saturday, March 21, 1-3p

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Are you in Korea and looking for ways to connect with other Real Estate Investor? Do you want to learn more about how to invest in Real Estate in Korea, the US and elsewhere? Are you interested in expanding your profile to include an international audience?

Then join the Real Estate Meetup that both BiggerPockets CEO, Joshua Dorkin, and VP of Growth and Development, Brandon Turner, attended (virtually) this year! (links to their appearances below)

Our next meetup will be on Saturday, March 21, 1-3pm, at the Gangnam TOZ


Map to our Meetup

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(Here are some pictures our latest event - Robert Kiyosaki's Cash Flow Game Day held in Hongdae last Saturday! In addition to our Regular Monthly MeetUps, we also have events like Cash Flow Game Days, Google Hangout Q&As, upcoming Field Trips where we take a look at out actual Korean Real Estate, and much, much more!)

A short video of the game in action:

Cash Flow Game in Action!

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(There is a charge that goes to pay for the space - any extra we use to buy gifts for our speakers.)

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Links to more information about the Seoul Real Estate Investing MeetUp:

Joshua Dorkin explains why he now HAS TO VISIT KOREA

Brandon Turner TELLS about his WORST Real Estate investing experience:

Read about our latest adventures right here on BiggerPockets:

Joshua Dorkin attends virtually

Brandon Turner attends virtually

Our Meetup Keeps Growing (+100 Likes)

Wanna Meet other Korean Real Estate Investors?

Would you travel over 7,000 miles to attend a MeetUp? If it's the Seoul Real Estate Meetup, then you might!

Join other BP Members:

@Jacob Michaels  @John Van Uytven @Benjamin Hauser  @Josh McNicoll  @Sandra Roddy  @Dustin Karns  @Paul Wurster  @Natalie Heo  

Dan the man, promoting his new found passion! ;)

On a serious note, the group has great organizers and speakers. If you are able to, join us and network with some passionate investors. 

@Sandra Roddy  

It's all possible because of great investors like you who are willing to share and give back ^^

And I agree... If you're in Korea & interested in Real Estate, come out and join us. 

If you're interested in being a virtual guest and expanding your profile to include "international speaker" or start to tap into an international audience, send me a message!

We have over 130 members, many of whom are looking to invest in places such as Memphis, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Kansas City, etc, and looking to network with people on the ground in those places and people who have experiences with turnkey and other investing. 

We also have many international members with guests visiting from countries such as Taiwan, Bali, Hong Kong, England, Uzbekistan, and Shanghai to name some of the countries represented. 

We always tape (with permission) our virtual guest and edit it into a short clip which can be publicly viewed on YouTube (also with permission). 

It's a great group of people, and we've recently begun to look for a larger space as we think our regular meetings could draw over 40 people. 

Anyways.. That's enough about us! Check out the links above if you want to learn more. 

Our videos:

Joshua Dorkin

Brandon Turner

Meetup Tips

What's your excuse for not investing?

* No money?

* No time?

* No deals where you live?

At the Seoul Real Estate Investing Meetup, we don't believe in excuses.

We don't let living in Korea stop us. 

Our members invest in areas like California, Jacksonville, Arizona, Indianapolis, Hong Kong, Seoul, the Philippines.. the list goes on and on.. all while living and working in Korea.

We don't let not speaking Korean stop us. 

Our members invest in Korea, even though some are not fluent.

We don't let lack of networks stop us. 

What began as three guys drinking coffee together (who met through BiggerPockets) has now blossomed into 150 members and 40 RSVP-ed for our next meetup. There's a good chance it will be standing room only. 

We don't let lack of speakers stop us. 

We've had @Joshua Dorkin @Brandon Turner already speak at our meetups, and we're proud to have @Ali Boone speaking at our next one.

When you have a passion for real estate and determination to make it happen, you find a way! 

In the last month, various Seoul Real Estate Investing members have:

* Closed multiple deals in the US
* Purchased an investment home
* Put in an offer on a potential flip in the US
* Created a savings plan to be ready to invest in July
* Contemplated being a part of a nearly one million dollar real estate portfolio investment
* Contacted an investor who did over $1.4 m in deals last year and spent 15 minutes learning from a pro
* Met with brokers from the Philippines to discuss potential new land development in Manila
* And flew over 6,000 miles to get a deal done!

If you're looking to become an investor or expand your portfolio, there's no need to do it alone. Join other dedicated action-takers who will help propel you toward your goals.

Take control of your future!

Saturday, March 21, 1-3p (Korea Time)

Meeting is held in Seoul at the TOZ in Gangnam

Directions to the Meetup: 

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