Phoenix Area Happy Hour Meetup

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  • 05/26/16 05:00PM
  • Bar Louie Tempe - 2000 E Rio Salado Pkwy #1220, Tempe, AZ 85281
  • Free

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Mark your calendars for the next happy hour! I would like to try a Thursday to see how it works for everyone's schedule. Any feedback is appreciated.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

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@Michael ha

@Michael Hacker undefined,

Hopefully I'm not stepping on any toes here, but I'm in Phoenix this week (but not next week), and wanted to invite a few local investors out for a beer - maybe THIS Thursday ALSO 5/19/16 - if they don't mind having a beer and talking about RE twice in 2 weeks!

Would you be up for coming out to chat this week also Michael? Or a day that works better for you this week also? @Herwin G. , @Dick Rosen , @Andres Rossini , @Joshua Hill , @Billy Bell  @Serge S. , have a beer this Thursday, 5/19, also? (not in place of Michael's meeetup)

I invest in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have a meetup group there. But I'm traveling around the country and wanted to exchange war stories with some Southwest investors. I was hiking over by the ASU campus where they have Microsoft, Zenefits, KPMG, etc in what looks like a bunch of large single-tenant office buildings, with the ASU university in the background (lots of international students I hear), and a large hospital just below that.

Looks like a potential furnished rental goldmine!! Tech companies, international students, traveling nurses. There's even some inexpensive duplexes and 4plexes nearby (relatively speaking to Bay and potential furnished rents lol). And a couple condos that aren't too crazy, although I'm generally not a fan of condos..

***MEETUP FOR THIS WED, 5/18 @ 5PM in Tempe. RSVP here so we don't interrupt this thread:

A big thanks to @Michael Hacker for letting me jump in with a Phoenix meetup before his event next week (would have gone to that instead if I was still in town!) And glad you can make it out!!

@Billy Bell and @Robin Gai , please see the link above to RSVP. I don't want to clog up Mike's thread here.. 

@Bob E. , @Herwin G. , @Dick Rosen , @Andres Rossini , @Joshua Hill , if you all can also make it out this Wed, would love to chat! Please see the link a few lines up in this post and RSVP there if you are also interested in coming out this Wed, 5/18. 

Should be a good time! :)

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Just making sure someone will have a table marked or tell the host where to send people who are showing up for the "BP meetup"....seeing as how I probably won't recognize faces from the micro-thumbnail pics ... and Thirsty Lion is pretty big. :)