Coffee with Investors in Delray Beach, FL on April 14th, 2018

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  • 04/14/18 01:00PM - 04:00PM America/New_York
  • Gizzi's Coffee, 2275 S Federal Hwy Delray Beach, Florida 33483
  • Free

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Palm Beach County Investors (or future investors)...

There was a lot of interest in a pretty casual meeting from investors and future investors, and we've had GREAT meetings... why not another? It will be free to attend (and no pitching), but being good patrons, so they let us to continue to use the space for free, I say we get a cup of coffee.

Gizzi's Coffee: 2275 S Federal Hwy, Delray Beach, FL 33483 (1pm-4pm)

So, anyone want to grab some afternoon coffee in Delray Beach... maybe people from Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Worth, Boyton Beach, Boca Raton, or West Palm? Maybe even Broward County people would like to show...

This meeting is open to anyone that would like to attend.

Also... in an attempt to try something new, I will be bringing in all of the books I have read and will have a "leave one, take one" policy so that everyone will have a chance to read a great book!


And lastly, if you would like to be added to the email distribution of this meetup, please send me a message with your email address. Thank you everyone, and I will see you there!

Planning to be in FL around that time. So, would like to attend. See you all there.

Oh no! Too bad I will be out of the country. I will follow the discussion in case something change. Have fun!

Sadly I can't attend the meeting this time!  I will miss everyone!

@Oscar Jacome I’m assuming if @Bob Razler was going to come in a Santa outfit in December, it would be an easter bunny this month. It will be sadly missed. 

Would love to come and have fruitful conversations. I put in my calendar now... 

Hello, I am new to real estate investing and would love to converse with members of the community. I look forward to meeting with you in Delray Beach.  

@Patrick D. Welcome to the community. We will be glad to have you at the meetup. Don't forget a book to swap!

@Jon Huber Going to miss this weekend due to work obligation, I have 5 books in my car to add to the book swap. I am staying busy and moving in the right direction. BTW Have you used a VA in the past and can you refer one before I start using google. I am looking at a Europe, Ya I know i crossed the ocean. I am looking for a VA to create a spreadsheet with property managers and real estate agency information for that country in specific areas Or should I go with your Rule of 30 people to make it simple, 30 real estate agency and 30 property managers if we find that many in each city for the country that we are targeting.

@Will F. If your thinking about investing in the area a great meetup

Hey bud I can't make this as I'm in California, I'm interested in 8+ unit deals in the Broward county area and within an hour drive of it.  I have some units in Hollywood and would like to expand holdings there.  Let me know if anyone has some small apartment deals there 8-16+ units.

There's also a pretty good meetup group monthly at the Dennys near Young Circle in Hollywood Florida.  It's a good group been around for a while.

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