Hello again fellow BiggerPockets members from and around the greatest city in the world, New York! I'm pleased to announce that we're having our next Manhattan event on Wednesday Sept 18. so put it in your calendar! We're super excited to have a real estate investing master (I consider him a Jedi in the space) and BP Legend and master contributor @Al Williamson as our guest speaker.

Link to sign up page here.

For those of you who need some background info on Al, I'll admit I'm super excited for him to arrive and talk to everyone. Here's Al's background:

Al Williamson is a professional engineer, full-time real estate investor and the author of several real estate books. He began investing in 1996. Al is best known for publicly documenting his quest to create enough secondary income streams to cover the 1st mortgage of his eight-unit apartment building (which he accomplished in September 2015). He is now trying to figure out how to maximize the cash flow of a small portfolio so it can generate enough income to replace a middle-class job.

Al is a proud family man who now spends his day managing and expanding his corporate housing business in Sacramento, California. How he does this is what makes Al so magical in my opinion. And he's garnered the attention of MANY BiggerPockets real estate investors from coast to coast. I can't tell you how many times that I've heard @J. Martin sing the praises of Al on stage, crediting him with much of what allows him to do what most of us only dream of, which is travel the world basically 365 days a year. There is something that is incredibly powerful about Al. He's not about flash, he's about substance. If you're looking for an event that's going to chock full of information (that may make your jaw drop like it did mine last fall) then this is the event for you. Al is going to cover how to maximize the value out of a rental property utilizing Air BnB in a way that's compliant and probably in a manner you didn't have in the forefront of your mind. He's also going to touch on ways to get into real estate investing when you don't have a lot of capital.

We're doing 2 events for Al. One in NJ and one in Manhattan. Both events are limited seating so be sure to sign up and get your spot. It's going to be GREAT!  Here's a link to info on the NJ taking place on Sept. 17.

We'll start off the event with great networking, then we're going to get a market update in NJ from myself and NY- Westchester from @Adam Cherko . We'll also hear from Karen Jones from East Coast Capital regarding lending products & where the rates are (and possibly going to). Also we're going to have @Nicholas Aiola touch on taxes too. Always good to hear from Nick as having him there alone is worth it to attend.

Link to sign up page here.

We're going to have great networking with BiggerPockets members from all over the NYC area so be sure to sign up and attend.

PLEASE NOTE, again the event will be taking place at The Roosevelt Hotel, located at 45 E. 45th Street in Manhattan, in the Sutton Suite located on the 2nd Floor. We'll start at 6:30pm and go to 9:30pm. This location is incredibly easy to get to only steps from Grand Central Station.  The Sutton Suite is different from our last event there with Liz and Andressa (just so you know).

You'll see on the sign up page here.

Even if you're brand new to BiggerPockets, a first time investor or a seasoned Pro, money lender or contractor, wholesaler or business professional, be sure to be there and meet other members and those interested in Real Estate investing from the NYC metro area which includes Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Orange County, Fairfield County CT, and Northern NJ (that includes you Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark, Maplewood, Montclair, West Orange, Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, Middlesex County and so many more!).

You must register on the sign up page located here : CLICK ON THIS TEXT FOR LINK TO SIGN UP!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone there. Should be incredible.