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I've been looking for a REI club in NW Arkansas. The only one I could find I emailed but never got a response.

I'm interested it networking with others in RE because I'm just starting out. I'd really like to find a local mentor but it seems pretty difficult in this area.

I've even thought about seeing if I could start up a club in the area but since I'm just starting out I'm not sure I'll have the time commitment or if it is a good idea.

Tell Kevin Hatfield hello, he is a real Hatfield ya know!

I'd say you would need to get to Fayettville to have a pool of investors interested in showing up for an REI meeting, the small communities are rather tight knit, probably no more than 3 guys and a dog in thier area and they won't talking about how to do it for more competition, the dog might have more to say! I know Berryville, Harrison, Dade County-Eurika Springs, and points west, that's my experience. I'd suggest you get with a Realtor and buy coffee, meet an attorney and buy lunch, visit a title company and take doughnuts.
I like NW Ar, but something about is says, if you ain't from here, you'll wish you had been. LOL

Seriously, get with some Realtors, talk to the bank a goodplace to pick up a partner. Don't discount other business owners, say the guy who owns a tire shop and owns the building, get talking about real estate, leads will come from wearing out shoe leather and getting filled up onn coffee! Get involved in other organizations, Rotary is a good one, church, any city business bunch, would be good. They are great folks, but tight as bark on a green tree!

My daughter's went to school with some of the real Hatfields but I don't really know them. I actually am a transplant to Huntsville. I grew up in Winslow.

I do plan to probably invest in the Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers area. And if I could talk my hubby into it I'd move back to the city. I like my acreage and all the privacy we have now but with my kids growing up and leaving the nest it's getting quiet and lonely around here.

That's what most women in Arkansas say.....LOL

Kevin is or was the mayor of Huntsville.

I'd think Rodgers, especially Springdale would be good, Fayettville being a college town will be pricy for rentals. But, the economy is better in Fayettville, IMO. I go to the Blues, Bikes and BBQ in "Faetvil" run down to Rogers area for float trips.

Plenty of realtors there, there may be an REI club in that area, call the library, they may have a list of local clubs. Good luck!

I've been thinking about starting such a club. I still travel way too much, but I think 2013 it will change. I'm here in Berryville, broker [CCIM & ALC]/ investor with over 34 years in the game. At one time I owned apx. 75 properties.....I'd meet you for coffee sometime. I have a property I need to put a sign on in Fayettville.....Corey J

I'm in Fort Smith and did some research on REI clubs in the state. The only active one I know of is in Central Arkansas. Would love to go but i don't have the time to make that trip.(2 1/2 hrs from me) If you ever hear of one or start one yourself in Northwest Arkansas please post the meeting place and time on here, I'd love to attend. I'm new to this and looking to network.

Hi Kelly and all, I'm in Fayetteville. I'm a real estate agent specializing in residential property management. I'm just getting started on my own RE investments. Would be nice to make some new investment buddies as my "mentor" now spends all his time RVing! New to BP.

One thing I love about this business is skills transfer from one area to another. My friend went to law school there maybe you can see about property around campus I bet that would be an interesting place to find deals. I have noticed the rural areas being a little contained as to there willingness to give out information. Your seen as an outsider. Its ok the aspect of learning about investing from the locals isnt a huge loss if no one will talk to you. The brokers you meet in the local areas will tell you everything you need to know in most cases if you get the right guy to sit with you and drink coffee.
In West Va I experienced this too when I started buying land deals there. The key is money talks. Get some deals make some money and it doesn't matter what the locals say or dont share with you. Being an outsider does reduce your ability a little to get inside info on a particular deals but..Your advantage is often local investors dont have the big world view you might have and see the value in there local market like you do.

I've heard City Title and Kings River Title are OK, but no glowing recommendations. Of course Waco is the big dog with all the Lindsey properties. Maybe finding a new title agent hungry for work would get things moving

Thanks for that info. I called the WACO here in Fort Smith, they said
"we're not in that business." I found Western Arkansas Title Services and they have done some assignment contract deals, not many but a few. I'm just glad I found a company that knows what I'm talking about. Gonna go with them if I get a deal under contract. Again, thanks for that info.

I know this is a super late response, but what he heck!

I am fairly new at this too, so not sure how much I have to offer, but I wouldn't mind getting together every so often to chat. Maybe those of us here can start an informal group.


We are just getting started and looking for others in NWA was just wondering if any one was close , looking for someone active that we could bounce ideas off of. Going to join the Fayetteville REIA next month

The river valley navigators real estate group you can find us on facebook or

we meet every 3rd thursday of month at coltons steak house in van buren at 6


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