What to do with commercial lot next to a Tractor Supply store?

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purchased a half acre commercial lot next to a Tractor Supply Store

Put it up for sale in line with surrounding lots of same size.  After a year lowered the price 10%

Now thinking aboit possibly developing it

With this limited information what ideas do you have we could do with it?

Purchase price was very low, but another 10 years of not selling and paying the taxes could make it not so good a deal

Thank you in advance 

In Dawsonville, GA, the Dollar General Store seems to do well next to the Tractor Supply. Dollar General also sells their stores an do a NNN lease.

@Michael Plante I learned a new term from one of @Joel Owens posts the other day called 'void analysis study'. Basically it means look at the area and see what type of business might be missing. Gas station,hotel, general retail, medical office? What is already there around it? What is the traffic count on the road? What do the population and demographics look like in the surrounding area?

Do you have it listed with a commercial broker? Ask them what types of businesses are looking for space. Ask if any of them are open to a brand new space if you will build to suit.

Also look around at surrounding towns of a similar size. What new businesses are there? Maybe one of them would be right for your spot too.

Your demographic consideration should regard your location in regard of Lake Lanier when surveying what is already available in regard of businesses in the area. Look at a business opportunity that might specific food/retail to those launching boats at Thompson Creek and War Hill Park & Campground.

throw up some coverings and top with solar panels, then sell "covered" storage for RVs, Boats, etc. 

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