Any investors in the Quad City Area???

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Just wondering if there are any investors/landlords on here in the Quad City area. I have 20 rental units on the Illinois side. Looking to network.

@David Nino Hey David, I am not an investor but a licensed Realtor in the area. I can connect you with some investors that I know in the area. 

Do you know of an REIAs around here?

I'm looking for buyers in the Quad cites area. 

@David Nino There is a group of investors that meet monthly in the Quad Cities, check the events page to find out when the next meeting is the last one was this past Tuesday.

I am an investor in the QCA - but I only invest on the Iowa side (more landlord friendly and much cheaper property taxes).    If you have anything on the Iowa side, feel free to reach out to me.  Specifically looking for 4 plexes on up to 10 units or so (small multifamily).

Thanks @Samuel O. ! Hi @David Nino , welcome to BP. @Shawn Faris and I host the QC meeting posted here on Biggerpockets at the Stardust in downtown Davenport. We have been randomly choosing the date, usually within the first 2 weeks of the month. It should be posted a week or so ahead of time. You can setup keyword alerts that will send you an email each time a post is created with those words. If you setup the phrase "Quad cities" it should email you each time @Shawn Faris posts the meetings. There are a few other meetings in the QC as well: QC RPA (Quad Cities Rental Properties Association) and Pat Wilder posts one on as well. We hope to see you at our next meeting! 

awesome, thanks for the info.

Hey Alex:  I am a local QC Invester and I am interested in getting to one of your meet ups in the QC.  Could you please let me know when the next one is.  I would appreciate it.  Thanks. Rich

I'm in Princeton, about an hour east of QC.  Looking to network in North Central Illinois. I'm interested in small-medium sized multi-family properties. TY.

Hey everyone. Recently started expanding into central Illinois. We have properties already under contract there in Peoria, let's connect. We need buyers/attorneys/JV Wholesalers/etc;


I'm from the Quad Cities. Currently living in Morrison Illinois. Looking to start up and close on my first deal. Looking to network and learn from others. I've got several properties I've lined up by networking that I'm struggling to get my hands on and close. Properties ranging from $10,000 to $80,00 with great potential and high ARV. It's nice to see others from my area!

I live and invest in the quad ciites....what kind of questions do you have?  We do have a monthly meeting if you'd like to come and network.  Not sure if the next one is scheduled yet, but it's posted in the networking section when it gets scheduled.  Feel free to reach out if you have some questions.

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