HELOC on a rental property: is it possible?

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Hi everyone. I know back before the housing crisis it was possible to get a HELOC on a rental property, but is this still possible today? Have any of you recently done this? We have one single family home and looking to get more. Just wondering if this route would be an option. Thanks!

@Elenis C. It is fairly hard to find but I believe it is possible. 

There is one local bank in my market that will do them. My recommendation would be to call the smallest 5-10 banks and credit unions in Jacksonville and see if they're willing. I think you'd probably have success with that.

@Will Gaston Another question if you don’t mind. What LTV do they lend on in your case? I heard if you live in the property then it’s much higher than if you’re renting it.

Hi @Elenis C.. I am actually closing on a HELOC (on an investment property) on Saturday with Huntington Bank. They allow for a max CLTV of 75% on one property. So if you have multiple, you can't get a HELOC on multiple investment properties. I probably called a dozen local banks and Huntington was the only one which offered a HELOC. Several would do a HEL, but it isn't what I wanted. Hopefully they are in your area.

@Elenis C.  It is possible but not a lot of banks do them so you just have to call around to find the ones that will.

There's several forum posts that mention PenFed does them.  Here's one of the recent posts: https://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/50/topics/590148-heloc-on-an-investment-property

When you call around, here's a list of questions you can ask the banks to help find the right one for you: What You Need to Know When Shopping for a HELOC.

Good luck!

@Elenis C. - I didn't want to be sitting on the cash and have to start making principle and interest payments right away. I prefer to have it waiting for me until I need it and have the flexibility of only having to make interest only payments if it made sense. Also, I applied when they had a promo eliminating their annual fee so it costs me nothing to have this.

@Chris Wange Awesome!! Yes I agree, I’d rather do the same instead of having to pay it back right away without even using it. Thanks again for the info.

@Elenis C. I'm in the process of doing this as we speak. The mortgage I'm getting is through Guaranteed Rate Inc. and my HELOC is through Hanscom Federal Credit Union. I do not know if they do anything out-of-state, but even with the HELO I'm going to be cash flowing very well BEFORE the improvements to the property.

@Elenis C. If you’re ex-military, I think the Navy Federal Credit Union does it... I think they also offer some of the highest LTV on HELOCs for your primary residence too...up to 95%.

I got a HELOC from PENFED (need to be or have a family member that is military or federal police type like customs or border patrol). 70 or 75% loan to value, and the rate is 1% above prime I believe ( my rate is 6% right now). That was about a year and a half ago the LOC through them.

@Elenis C. I have RELOC's against some of my properties in my RE portfolio. I had to drive across the state to find one of the lenders, the other two I found in local credit unions in which I had to join. It took me approaching about 12 different credit unions and banks before finding the LOC products that met my needs. I wish you the best in finding them in Florida. I know they exist (at least in Ohio) but took some persistence. You've got this!

@Elenis C. - just curious, why are you pursuing the HELOC verses a cash out refinance? I am in a simlilar place - significant amount of equity in a property and would like to get it out to purchase the next deal.
@John W. @Elenis C. For what it’s worth, I’ve used PenFed multiple times over a hamdful of years for vehicle loans...the only stipulation involved “joining” whereby I placed $5.00 into an account with them to join. There are several of us who have used them for cars, both new and pre-owned, standard family cars and more high-line. Potentially guidelines have recently changed but if others are having are having luck with them for real estate financing, I’d call them first and see if it’s possible before ruling them totally out.

Yes, they are very easy to work with and the application processes for car loans  and HELOCs are relatively easy. 

@Charlie Palmer Thanks for the encouragement!! That’s great you were able to find them! Seeing so many people that were able to find at least one lender makes me positive that I can find one too. I’ll be calling a ton of places tomorrow :)
@Matt Crawford Hmm I guess I never thought about a cash out refinance. But I did just purchase the property in February and didn’t want to refinance for a little while. I have to do the roof on it and would want to refinance at that point. I don’t know much about cash out refinance though. You think it’s a better option?
@Elenis C. Hi Elenis, I recently did a HELOC on my primary residence. Here are some things to consider and the bank will want to know: 1) LTV ratio as other stated, if you have equity you can draw from already. If you put 20% down, you can actually get a HELOC for 90% LTV. It will come wIth a higher APR. I think mine Is 6.28% but that‘s better than “hard money“. 2) What is the purpose? Some banks want to know what you intend to use it for. At least Keybank did for me, not part of loan app but for AML/BSA purposes. I wanted to use it as a LOC for flipping homes. 3) Fees, it can vary across banks. I got lucky and had no fees. Appraisal was even paid for by Bank 4) Title conditioning: if you bought it via Foreclosure then you can’t HELOC it for at least 6 months for most places Goodluck!