Whats The Best Book Youve Recently Read???

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The Miracle Morning & The One Thing are the two that have most recently impacted my life and business.  Getting up earlier is never easy (especially when doing 3-5 evening meet ups a week) but having a solid routine in the morning helps me get up and moving.  The One Thing reminded me that it is not effort that creates success, it is FOCUSED and SUSTAINED effort that creates long term success.

The Wealthy Gardener by John Soforic

It's a book of parables followed by an instructional few pages. I find it great to read a few before bed and wake up the next morning energized and focused on my goals.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. 

My top three of recent history are:

1) Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

2) Grit by Angela Duckworth

3) Relentless by Tim S. Grover

These aren't specifically about real estate, but rather the mental models that high performers use and develop to be successful in anything. 

If anyone is interested I nerd out exactly on this topic because I read a ton. My website is in my signature where I look at these books and apply the lessons to real estate investing. I have a whole series of them - "How to Apply it to REI".

Nothing to sell. Totally free for everyone, just my love of learning and REI. Enjoy!

The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason.  Not a Real Estate Investment book per say, but a book that demonstrates the importance of money management and the importance of compounding interest and how to truly make your money work for you. 

The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday. 

This book is great. Ideas aren’t entirely new, but it gives you a different way of looking at things. Highly recommend! 

Personalities Plus, recognizing different personality types and your own to learn how to better interact with others.  Understanding why some people drive us crazy and how we can adapt to be more effective.   Winning at the people game to be successful in business.  

@Jeffrey Douglas

Principles by Ray Dalio

Provides great real life experiences and ways to create a fantastic culture for any business.

Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World

 by Cal Newport

This was the last book I read. It's not about REI, but it made me rethink about how I can make better use of technology by carefully choosing how I use it, as well as what I use it for.

@Jeffrey Douglas I wasn't able to read everyones responses but I would put "Will Power Doesn't Work" by Benjamin Hardy high on your list! Its so practical, helpful and true!  A member of my Bigger Pockets Mastermind suggested it to me and it was amazing. Atomic Habits by James Clear was helpful to listen to right afterwards as the compliment each other really well. 

@Jeffrey Douglas

Way of the wolf- Jordan belfort

Little different than what investor typically read but it will help when trying to acquire properties.

Awareness, Anthony De Mello

@Jeffrey Douglas I read psychology but am still new to investor psychology

I am currently finishing why we buy by paco underhill

I recommended it to anyone that owns any sort of business.

Robert Caldini presuasion and psychology of influence I also consider the standard

The first one is jam packed with information and makes you really think about he b users first person perspective and what they look at, for and are drawn too

The other author is just very good at going in-depth as to why these strategies are so effective

Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs: What You Really Need to Know About the Numbers by Karen Berman and Joe Knight (published by Harvard Business Press) is a good read that can really illuminate business financials for anyone wanting to scale and get taken seriously.

I enjoyed David Greene's Long Distance Real Estate Investing. His writing on investing out-of-state and how to build and leverage a team on the ground gave me the confidence to do my first deal 4.5hrs away from my home (successfully, at that!).

Originally posted by @Dennis M. :

The book of Ecclesiastes . It’s about the richest man in the world at that time having everything he wants but realizes it’s all in vanity . It’s deep and makes you realize what’s important and how everything is passing away .Many lessons can be found in it about wealth and the pursuit of happiness.

We must have the same Sunday school curriculum.   That was literally the lesson Sunday.

@Jeffrey Douglas

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Based the Savers and how you start your day and the impact that it has on personal development and growth. It has been a gamer changer for me in overall mindset. MUST READ!!!!!

@Jeffrey Douglas

“How Do I Tax Thee? A Field Guide to the Great American Rip-Off” by Kristin Tate

Why? Because the fact that it takes a determined person just to find out where our tax dollars are going is bad, but what she found is even worse. The amount of abuse is shocking to any rational person. It might not be the greatest read (especially in audiobook format) but the content trumps delivery. It has inspired me to change my plans for retirement (still decades away) and ultimately that journey led me here.

There's a good reason The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz has sold more than 6 million copies. I listened to this on Audible and thought the book and narrator were great!

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