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I also, would prefer a weekend day as I work from 6-6 during the week. If a week day is settled upon, I will try to make it as I am really interested in networking with like minded people. I'll keep an eye out for responses.

Hi ! My name is Priscilla and I am in Plainfield near PSHS. I am a newbie. With being a student and FT clerk at the Courthouse.

I am strictly focusing on  educating myself, attending seminars and meetups and networking/meeting people as much I can while I am earning my degree. 

After I get my degree (next year), I plan on ACTUALLY beginning my journey to buy & hold real estate when I  have saved a good chunk of money and will be able to invest much more time instead of starting without being properly prepared. 

I was so excited when I received an alert for a Joliet REIA group. I found a few on MeetUp and was not intrigued at all, no offense to any of them. Just not my cup of tea.

I know I do not have much to offer if I attended a group that you may form, but I am beyond interested and would be available to attend weekdays anytime after 4:45PM and anytime during the weekends.

Thanks for your time. 



I noticed some of the faces here on another thread I read about an upcoming breakfast. Do you guys have any Joliet meet ups other than breakfast? I would like to start attending some events in this area. 

Welcome to Bigger Pockets! You don't need money to get some things happening. All investors are looking for properties. If you can find a property that needs some work, and that an investor might be able to negotiate a purchase off the MLS, you can earn "Bird Dog" money, for finding the deal. The next step after that -- again, without your own money invested -- is that you would get a property under contract, then sell the contract (no need to even own the property, just sell the contract) to an investor with a nice fee for yourself added in. That's a wholesale deal.

I buy from wholesalers, and I'm interested in the Joliet, Romeoville, Crest Hill areas. I am a Realtor, so I already see everything listed on the MLS (or Zillow, etc.). And I own properties in Joliet and Romeoville, so I know the areas very well, and have some areas (downtown Joliet) that I have no interest in (so even though you can buy houses there for $20,000, no thanks).

Originally posted by @James J Luka :

Hello, when is the next Joliet meeting?

 I haven't checked this thread for quite a while. Not sure anyone else is checking it but the group does meet up once a month. They primarily use facebook to get the word out. @Aaron Mikottis is the ring leader. Look him up on facebook and you should be able to find the next meeting. Good luck.

Yep, we are having out regular meeting next week Wednesday. Join our Facebook group to stay plugged in there. I also post events on the BP forums - just set an alert for Joliet. 

Updated over 1 year ago

The meetup is scheduled for Wednesday, February 27th, not next week as I originally posted. More details are on the events post.

JRLA General Membership Meeting

Thursday, April 11th 2019

6:30 networking, 7pm program

Jameson's Pub, 2755 Black Road, Joliet

The meeting will be focused on financing single family and multi-family deals with presentations from a local lender and the Chicago Community Loan Fund . Cross posted in the marketplace events section.

The Chicago Community Loan Fund

The mission of the Chicago Community Loan Fund is to provide flexible, affordable and responsible financing and technical assistance for community stabilization and development efforts and initiatives that benefit low- to moderate-income neighborhoods, families and individuals throughout metropolitan Chicago (Including Will County).

CCLF was created to ensure that Chicagoland community developers (including small and emerging groups) would have a lender to turn to for harder-to-underwrite projects and enterprises. CCLF often works with challenging but promising projects that other financial institutions will not or cannot finance.

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